Thursday, June 26, 2014

Orion This Morning

Do you really have to go to work, mom?!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Long Overdue

Well, last time I posted, I hinted at a new face here at our home. He's now been here about 7 months.  Meet Orion: 

We adopted Orion from the local shelter. He's about. 2 years old. Here are a few pics from his first week at home with us: 

We named him Orion after the constellation. One story behind the constellation is that Orion's Belt is where spirits come from and go to. We felt that since Spuds had to leave this world so quickly, it would only be right to save a life from the shelter, and even more special to us to save a "bully breed,"and then we saw Orion there. Spuds left our world, and Orion entered it. We wanted to remember Spuds while also saving a life, so this name was a perfect way to symbolize all of our feelings. 

Orion really is a pretty awesome dog.  He's happy all the time and loves everything and everyone. He's also ornery. Really. Really really really really ornery. :) 

Shadow and Orion get along great. Shadow is great at teaching him things and taking on a "mothering" role. She never hesitates to correct him when he's a little to crazy or hyper for her liking, lol. She's a little calmer and reserved since Spuds has passed, and we hope that losing him so unexpectedly hasn't affected her too bady. We think that overall she's still a happy girl:

Chad and I still miss Spuds everyday, and have gotten his paw print tattooed on us to remember that he will always be our "soul dog," that he changed our lives by teaching us patience, kindness, strength, how to love unconditionally, and to stand up for what we believe. They say time heals all wounds, but the truth is, you just learn to deal with it better over time. That's what we hope for. 

I'm happy to finally share Orion with you all 😄.    Thanks for reading, 
-Anna&Chad, and the PoochesForPeace