Friday, February 8, 2013

Just a Littttllee Closer Mom!

So there's this thing that Shadow really likes to do.
If she were a human I'd wonder if she has sensory processing disorder.
Sometimes, she likes to go into a room by herself and relax alone. She'll even grumble at you sometimes if she wants to be alone and you try to cuddle with her or play.
Other times, she likes to, well, smother you with all her weight and press her face into yours as hard as she can!
I finally got proof when I got this picture! If you look closely, you can see that my face is slightly shifted...because she's in mid-smother mode. There are times when she just decides she needs to be really really close to you! Her little cheeks crinkle up in a smile and her body wiggles with happiness. She usually likes to press all her weight onto your body and press her face into yours.
It really is odd.
But she's so cute when she does it!
She really has a lot of quirky behaviors. Chad and I have said that we're happy she ended up with us, because I'm not sure that everyone would understand her. She is very vocal, and there are times that someone who doesn't know her very well might think she's mad when she's really just very excited. For example, because she's so vocal, sometimes when she's excited she barks and makes funny noises. Other times, like I said, she really doesn't want to be bothered, and will grumble, whine, or make what I call "monkey noises" if Spuds or me and Chad try to get her to play. We always say we feel lucky to have a dog who's so vocal, because it's usually very easy to know what she needs from you at different times and easy to understand how she's feeling. A lot of people could misinterpret her, though!
Do your dogs have quirky behaviors like Shadow?
~Loving Our Quirks, -The Pooches (&Anna &Chad)