Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's biting at our finger tips. The Ohio air has turned an icy sort of cold in our town. The wind is pouring all around us like an uninvited cold shower. With the holidays over, that inner warmth we feel from family, friends, and cinnamon spice starts to fade. The world isn't full of the reds and greens glittering neighborhood houses, with the promise that Christmas is near. Christmas came and went in the click of of the clock- where at once we were hopeful of the magic of the day, now we sit with only nostalgia, until next time.

The good thing is, we are still filled with inner warmth. When it's just too chilly, there's a companion, a best friend, a cuddle buddy with a built in blanket that doubles as fur, who is always by our sides. As they nestle their heads in the crook of our necks, and drape their paws across our chilly souls, they indulge in the belly scratches only a human can provide. They may think, perhaps, that they're the only ones benefiting from this exchange. But as us humans gaze into their tear drop shaped eyes, we can only hope they know, somehow, that we gain so much more from them. Having these companions means that the warmth we receive wraps our hearts up with a pretty little bow, and allows us to give ourselves the gift of how it feels to love more than we ever expected we might.

They are our hearts. They are our inspiration. They are Pit Bulls.