Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shadow and Her Ears

This is for Emily from  It All Started With a Pit Bull blog. If you haven't seen their blog already, check it out! Shadow and her ears made an appearance today :)   They have many different levels of communication...
Side view ears. 

Intense ears.

"Thinking of treats" ears.

"Really thinking about treats" ears.

"Just give me the treat already" ears.

Do your dogs have ears that could double as wings?

Big Ears Love, ~The Pooches (&Anna &Chad)


  1. GAH!!! You have no idea how thrilled I was when I saw this! How stinkin' cute is she???? I love the ears! Well you know Braylon has crazy bat ears... poor Hades has the teeny tiny shar-pei ears which are somehow very cute too. Man, she is a sweet looking pup! LoveLOVElove those ears!

    1. Her and Braylon definitely have similar features in the ear department lol!