Saturday, September 29, 2012

Help If You Can

I learned about this from Go to this link: to donate and learn about what one MMA fighter is doing to raise awareness, and fight for, Detroit's homeless dog population.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Spudsy Says....

Hiiiiii furriends !!!!!!! Happy Friday :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Veg of the Week

...Good advice.

I'm not actually blogging about a specific food or recipe this week. Instead, I want to share some advice I've heard throughout the week relating to food, weight, attitude, etc.

In keeping up with the "healthy habits" and training for the half marathon (which is October 21st...eek!) I've been listening to some Jillian Michael's podcasts. I've heard some advice on these podcasts that are worth sharing.

Before I share them, I want to preface them with the clarification that these have most likely stuck with me because I'm not very good at taking these bits of advice! Ha. Okee are 3 of the tidbits I have seen as eye openers:

FAT doesn't make you "fat." CALORIES make you "fat." This is important when trying to eat healthy. Things like avocado, olive oil, and peanuts may have a higher fat content than other foods, but they do a lot of good for your health and body. At the end of the day, being healthy is what's important, and those who are trying to lose weight may attempt to cut all fat out of their diets, but we all need fat in our diets! It's all about eating the healthier fats that are available to us :)

Resentment is like a person taking poison and expecting it to kill someone else.  Basically, you are only hurting yourself if you hold on to resentment. I really like this analogy. It can be easy to hold on to negative feelings, but it does harm to you more so than anyone else.

Food should never be used as a reward for anything. This also stuck with me, because I LOVE to reward myself with big meals for all sorts of things. I think it's better instead to reward an accomplishment by celebrating with friends, family, or doing an activity you love like a massage, even a day to do only what you want, if you've accomplished something really great :)

I'm definitely no pro when it comes to always eating healthy or always having a positive attitude, but that's all the more reason to acknowledge these topics.

Happy Health & Fall, ~Anna (&The Pooches)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spudsy Says...

Neck scratches make one sink into the couch. :)

Monday, September 3, 2012


Does anyone else ever wake up under a pile of dogs? :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Veg of the Week

...overdue. To be completely honest, I fell off the healthy eating wagon for a while. Now, I still maintained my exclusively vegetarian and vegan eating...I just wasn't eating healthy options. I noticed that when the healthy eating went away, it took my motivation, positive attitude, and energy along with it. And so began the cycle of needing the energy and motivation that healthy eating and exercise give you in order to be able to exercise and eat healthy. Hmpf. Luckily, a few things happened to jolt me back into where I need to be. personal trainer friend who looks fabulous asked me to be in her wedding. This may be a frivolous reason to get back into my healthy habits, but... I want to look good if I'm going to be in a wedding! ;) The other helpful event was that a friend of mine is training for a half marathon. It got me thinking about when I ran one in 2010, and I started exercising. So now I'M signed up for a half marathon, on Oct 21, 2012!
Let me just say my mood is great, and I am getting that amazing internal sense of happiness and motivation back. As hard as it is to keep up with healthy habits, eating healthy and exercising really is essential to live the best life you can. And for me, eating more and more vegan foods makes me feel that much better. It feels like...eating with a purpose. I will look back to this blog post if I start to lose my motivation. 
Today I just want to share with you my lunch. I find my craving today peculiar... Although I am the type of person who would be content with summer weather all year- round, my appetite seems to be craving all that is Fall...
I couldn't resist a warm bowl of tomato-basil soup and a vegan grilled "cheese" sandwich.
The tomato basil soup was just a simple canned soup...200 calories for the whole can. The catch with tomato soup is that if its "Creamy" tomato, it can go up in calories by a lot.
For my sandwich, I used 100% whole grain bread, earth balance vegan butter, and Daiya brand vegan "cheese." I put a layer of spinach between the Daiya, because spinach is amazing.
If you look closely, you'll see the dog salt/pepper shaker.
No post is complete without dogs in it! :)
 I love this meal because not only is it good, it's fun to eat!
Perfect for dipping... mmm.
What vegan meals have you tried lately?
Are you ready for fall?
~Riding the healthy habits wagon, -Anna (&The Pooches)