Sunday, June 17, 2012

We Moved!!!

I have been looking for a house to rent on and off for a long time now. It is very hard to find a place in Ohio that will be accepting of our dogs. I am happy to tell you that we have finally found the perfect place! We are renting, not buying yet. We showed the landlords pictures of Spuds and Shadow, and offered to let them meet the dogs. It all worked out for the best! We don't have Internet at the house yet, because we just moved in Friday night/ Saturday. I do have my trusty phone which i can blog on for now! We haven't been able to get our washer an dryer moved yet because its been raining, so I'm sitting at the laundry mat typing this right now. You all know I have trouble getting the pictures in right order when I blog from my phone, so bear with me! The following pics are of the inside of the house.... Not nearly put together yet... And the dogs' first time in their beautiful back yard! More to come...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Blogville Pitty Post Day!

Hi all! We are just taking a moment out of our Pitty wonderfurrrl day to post about how great Pit Bulls are. This is in respect to a cool Pitbull named Corbin:

I decided to do Ten Reasons Why Pitbulls are Amazing:

1. Live to be Loving.
2. Love to be Loyal.
3. Eye-Gazers.
4. Resiliency-teachers.
5. Stereotype Breakers.
6. Squishy faces!!!
7. Wiggle-so-hard-they-fall-over happy.
8. Toy destroyers.
9. Broken-heart fixers.
10. Bad-Day-Curers.

These are just ten reasons we think Pitbulls Are Amazing, of course we could go on forever!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pitty Post Day is Tomorrow!

Hi everyone- I was reading our good furriend Pip's Blog , and he mentioned the Pitty Post Day that Corbin, another pooch blogger, is putting together. Visit Corbin 's blog for details!

We Don't Wanna Come Inside!

Spuds and Shadow play outside well into the early evening of this beautiful weekend :)
iphone camera makes their eyes look a little crazy!

~Cathing up on weekend fun, -The Pooches (&Anna&Chad)