Sunday, May 13, 2012

Operation: Healthify Shadow Week 4

I finally found my laptop charger and was able to update Shadow's weight loss pictures! So these are from last weekend/week 4. It doesn't look like she's lost much more, but we have stuck to her meal plan.

See those lumps on her back in the week 4 picture below? We were worried and decided to take her to the vet. They said it is just unproportional fat... They tested her thyroid just to make sure that didn't have anything to do with her weight, and the test came back normal!
She was weighed at the vet, and weighs 68.5 pounds. The vet said to aim for about 60 pounds for her. They also said we could pop in once a month or so to use their scale and help keep track. I think I will also start taking her measurements to help keep track, because these pictures are not always very accurate. If they are taken at different angles, or farther or closer away, etc. she looks different. So...I am going to keep taking the pics, and also start taking measurements and weighing her about once a month! Our vet is so great and supportive, and was proud of her progress so far!

Have a great week everyone, ~The Pooches (&Anna &Chad)


  1. I lovingly call our pups Chunk, Chunko, Chunkette, the Chunks, etc. A little curves make me feel like my pups are happy and healthy but every other day I am analyzing wondering if they are getting fatter. I should weigh my pups periodically, too. That's a good idea!

    1. I hear ya, chad and I love spoiling shadow with food and think she looks so cute chunky. I guess I just get worried that she will end up with diabetes or arthritis at a younger age or some other health problem if she doesn't lose a little! It's no fun keeping her on a healthy diet though because we can't share all of our food with her lol

  2. You are right. Pictures not always show the progress.
    Good idea taking her measurements.
    Kisses and hugs