Sunday, April 22, 2012

Operation: Healthify Shadow

The dogs were playing outside a few weeks ago, and I was taking pictures, as usual. As I began looking through the pictures later that day, I saw these two:
And quickly realized, Oh My Gosh. Shadow's weight has climed a lot over the last few years. This is not. good.
It's hard to realize it when you see them every day. I went to a store nearby (a pet store...but not one that supports selling animals). I talked with someone about her diet and made a plan. I cannot afford to do a raw diet, but I chose a high quality kibble to try out. I also got a measuring cup to closely monitor her intake. She is starting out getting 2 1/2 -3 cups a day, depending on if we put in added nutrients with the kibble, like yogurt or protein sources like eggs.
I have decided to take weekly pictures to monitor her progress. Here she is on day 7/week one:
And these two are day 14/week 2:
She is starting to get little indents where her waist should be, yay!
Please cheer us and Shadow on during her operation:healthify journey!!


  1. Yoow an awful good Mommi to monitow bootiful Shadow's weight..she is looking slimmew and even mowe bootiful on the last pictoowe..I eat dwy kibble hewe too, Mommi was so happy that she found a weely good kind hewe..we get it thwoo the nice vet we found. I'm wooting fow you Shadow, I know being slimmew is healthiew..I'm twying too.(now if Mommi could do the same,hehehehe)
    Smoochie kisses

  2. Good luck with getting Shadow back to an ideal weight! Sometimes it's tough--love tends to help in packing on the pounds. =)

    1. I love that- love does pack on the pounds!

  3. I can see the difference!
    Glad to know the diet is working!
    I am sure Shadow will reach her ideal weight soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Wow, you can already see the difference in Shadow! Duke is a little chunky too, we started cutting back on the food about a month ago. We had the opposite problem with Maggie, it took years to get her to a decent weight.