Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Humane Society Pooches

I'm doing this post on my phone. Does anyone know how to get the pics in the right order when you post from an iphone? I try to just add them to the post in the order I want, but it mixes them up. Anyway... Chad and I went to to Humane Society again last week and visited with some of the other pooches. I'm going to just post the pics and will add more to the post once I'm on a regular computer! ****(It's updated in the right order now! :))****

First we decided to play with Hannah again (the pooch we posted about in the last Humane Society post) because, well...there's really no explanation needed. Look how awesome she is!:
(warning: unflattering picture of someone who is definitely not me, nope..not claiming this one...:) )
Then we spent some time with this beautiful boy Jeb. He is so fun and energetic. He's a trickster- when he's in his cage, he's calm and quiet, but as soon as he's in the yard it's full speed ahead! Tons of fun! His personality reminded us of the dog on the insurance commercial that says "Talking animal character?" Have any of you seen that commerical?
Chad admiring Jeb's coolness. Jeb planning a sneak attack.
Jeb chillin.
Lastly, we spent some time with the coolest chihuahua's I've ever met in my life, Fifi and Jasmine. If Spuds would be more respectable to small dogs, we would have realllyy wanted to take these two home in a heartbeat.
Two little runts, wiggling around! The best way to describe them is that they "come in a pair." I couldn't see one without the other. The are very laid back and just beamed while we had them in the play yard. They seemed to enjoy getting out with us.
I think Fifi is in the foreground here, and Jasmine in the background. Dont worry, that hole doesnt lead anywhere.
I think this one is Jasmine, because she has the smaller head of the two of them. So. Sweet.
Hannah has since been adopted as far as I know. She's not on the shelter's adoptable dogs page anymore. This is a no-kill shelter. If you are interested in these pooches, visit www.lchspets.org
We don't actually live in the same area that the shelter is in, but it is one of the closer ones to us, because, well, we kind of live in the middle of nowhere!
~Chihuahua kisses, -The Pooches (&Anna &Chad)

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  1. All of them are adorable!
    Sure they loved your visit!
    Kisses and hugs