Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sleepy Saturday

Herroooo all, Spuds heer. I wud like to tell u all dat mom has been furry bizzy this week. She started her new job wich u all know, and i heerd her say she likes it lots! Probly as much as i like a fresh bowl of cold water, if i had to gess.
So I wud like to also tell u dat she got a cold on her first week at her new job and dats no gud, she did not like dat. Probly as much as a dont like lik bath time, if i had to gess.
But her is startin to feel better becuz she gave me and Shadow bath time today (I tried to tell her just becuz she gots the cold duz not meen we hav to hav sumthin we dont like but den she distracted me wif a dog cookie).
So ne wayz her is catchin up on sleep time today and i am helping her, seee:
See, dat luk of mine is my "dont mess wif mom while her is needing sleepy time or else i will slobber all over ur ears". Humins hate slobber in der ears, heh.
So ne wayz me and my most perty sister Shadow ar not as nice wen daddy needs to catch up on da sleep time. After he gets home from a hard day uv werk he luvs to put on his comfy hats and fall asleep to watching tv. So we mostly wait til he is alllmoosstt in the sleeps til we start to bug him, den we compeet to see who can get da most attenshun, while dad tries to give us attenshun and sleep and we dont let him sleep....seeeee:
our dad is furrever trying to get da sleep time and we dont let him becuz our favrit cuddly time just so happins to be wen he wants da sleep time. Oh well furr daddy he cannot resist our furry cuteness love. heh.
I hope u all gits to cuddle wif ur humins, dont let dem sleep too much unless they say da werds "bath time" den give them watever dey want!
~Furry cuddle time, -Spuds (&Shadow&Anna&Chad)

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