Saturday, February 11, 2012

Look Who it Is!

For any of you who have been following my blog from the beginning, you know Kado was a big part of it for quite some time, pretty much up through 2010.
For our newer followers, here's a quick run down: At one time, Kado, Spuds, and Shadow all lived together, as Chad and his sister lived in the same house.
But one day Kado got to move out and start a new journey with his family. We let you guys know about it here:
and in that post we said we'd keep you updated on him......I haven't done a very good job of that.
We saw our ol' orange buddy yesterday! He wants you to see his daily life. Ahem:
Hey blogger furriends! LUK!:
Here's me hugging my dad:
and heer is how i like to roll all over da floor at my house:
And HEEEEEER is the front entrance of my house!
and den of course heeer is my gud side model face duh.
Heer is how I luk when Uncle Chad has food,
and of course most importintleee, heer is where i git dinner at my house. Isn't it grate! I luv my house.
We all got together for dinner and had so much fun visiting everyone. I looked at Chad and said, "We have to get some pics of Kado for the blog!"
Kado would also like you to know that his mommy is in the process of getting a blog up and running specially fur him, so you can see what he's up to at
I'm sure all of you who loved having Kado as a regular on the blog will be excited to check it out and get to stay updated about him!
~Excited to share our weekend wif you, -The Pooches (&Anna & Chad)


  1. He looks so happy in his new home! And that makes all of us very happy too.


  2. thnx anty anna fuur mentioning me on yurr page!

  3. I can't wait for the day I get to hear another family tell us what joy Madden, our foster, now brings them! How fun for you to have that contact.

  4. What happy news! :) Glad to see how well Kado is doing in his home.