Saturday, February 4, 2012

A dedication

This post is dedicated to our friends at kissa-bull.

I had this cup of tea and when I read the tag it reminded me of them. That's because Sandra has such a huge heart for helping animals and she shows that this quote is true. She has given animals the wonderful gift of love that would never otherwise know what love from a human is, and she has helped animals that many would see and think it to be impossible to do anything. That is a miracle for any dog who has been overlooked, abused, neglected..

Us and the pooches here just wanted to take the time to dedicate this post to you Sandra, your family, and your fur babies and of course the fearless five, so you know how important and miraculous you have been and continue to be for animals, both during your difficult time and always!

~Believing in miracles, -The Pooches (&Anna)


  1. we are sooo touched by your post our mommish is tearing up. we cherish your words. you were one of our first followers and you were one of the first bloggers we followed as well and we cant thank you enough for your friendship through these hard times. your words are always kind and encouraging.
    THANK YOU <3

    1. Yes I remember when u first came to blogger land and we've always loved your blog and your passion for pooches :) and how you so nicely sent us such nice presents ! We r always here for u!

  2. Hi there!1 It's Mona & Weenie stopping by to say hello.
    Sandra sent us over. We would love to be friends. We live in Houston & Mommy gets to see Samdra as much as she can.

    sniff ya later......weenie

    1. Hi der from da pooches. We just started following your blog mot too long ago . how cool that u hit to b close by the kissa-bull furriends! we have family in Texas but they're closer to Dallas area. Thanks for stopping by ! Happy Tail Wags, -the pooches (&Anna)