Monday, February 6, 2012

Cupcake Musings

Hey huminsss...Shadow here...
Sumthing is missing from this sitting spot...hmmm. My butt herts.
I think I kno what's missing here...guess I better git warmed up and seerch for my beloved sitting spot.
Ahh, heer they rrr. Which one of thees do I like better?
This one smells like feets.
This one smells like oven. fooooodd...mmm. its a winner.
Jus chillin on my cupcake rug. Don't mind the dish washer exposed. It flooded and then I broke stuff trying to get sumthin out from under ther. Oops. Gud thing mom and dad luv me more than da dish washer.
*GASP!* MOMMMMMMMMM, get OFF my cupcake. NOW!
Ur not gittin off? Fine, I will stick my tung out at u. Pffft.
HAVE A HAPPY MONDAY FROM SHADOW! And just stick out your tongue at anyone who tries to take over your favorite thing :)
~The Pooches, (&Anna)


  1. Hellooooo Every Buddy over dere! My name is Amber and I'm a weenie dog. Our furends Bella and Brinks sent us to say HI.

    Love your cupcake. Mom better move and quick!


    1. Hi amber from the pooches We appreciate our furrriends sending u and for u stopping in! :)

  2. Hi
    My name is Tweedles. I came to say hi!
    I thought maybe we could be friends.
    I am a pug and maybe we can play together.

    1. Herrrrroooo From the pooches tweedles, cool name! Thanks for visiting and of course we can be furrriends great idea!

  3. Hi - I just popped over from Kiss-a-bull to say hi!

    Your pal, Pip

    1. Hi mr pip from the pooches. We like your long furry fur in ur picture. We have short furs and are cold here in da winter right now!

  4. Hi Shadow! I popped over to say "howdy" from the Kissa- Bulls! I enjoyed your musings (& your dishwasher!)

    1. herrrro from shadow! Thank u so much fur visiting! i swear my mom and dad luv me a lot more than dat dishwasher thank goodness becuz i messed. it. up. heehehee

  5. Hi Shadow! My name is Mayzie and our good furend Brinksey Winksey told me abouts you. I hope WE can be furends, too.

    I likes your cupcake rugs. Have you tasted them? Do they taste like cupcakes? I luvs cupcakes.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Blogger's not letting me comment as my wordpress name. So if you wanna come say hi, go to

  6. herrro mayzie thanks furry much for popping in. i have not tried my cupcakes yet but i sniff them a lot and they always sniff different depending on who's pooch butt has been on them or humin feets. its always a surprise i could say hehehe!