Thursday, January 12, 2012

If you Live in Ohio...

...and you want positive change for Pit Bulls, Please read from to get an update on HB 14, which would take out the "pit bull" language of the viscous dog law in the state. This post is great because it details what could change if it passes. It made everything very clear to understand.

Although HB 14 is making positive progress, it nevertheless needs as much support from citizens as possible. It is important for anyone who cares about Pit Bulls to show their support. Here's what you can do:

1. Stay informed about the progress of this bill.
2. Spread the word to family and friends about it and it's importance.
3. Contact your senators to urge their support, and, if nothing else, use your voice to make your opinion known. See the "Find your state senator and representative" site below to find your senator and contact information.

Here are some helpful sites from

*Find your state senator and representative:
*Link to the original text of HB 14:
*Link to HB 14 committee amendments:Ohio HB 14 revised

Please choose to make a positive impact by using your voice (or words in an email!) to support this bill. Stand up for Pit Bulls!!

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