Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

Mommmmm, do I reely hav to go potty in THIS?? It's cooollldd!

Here's how I'm staying warm this morning :) I saw this while walking down an isle in the grocery store and before I knew it, it was in the cart! Strange how that happens... It's pretty yummy though.

Shadow would like you to know that on Fridays, she likes to switch up her butt-on-the-cupcake-rug to butt-next-to-the-cupcake-rug. ...

She's getting a pedicure STAT when I get home from work today. I tried last week and she ended up shooting up from the floor and sprinting around the house and wouldn't let me finish. finicky girl. She usually likes the attention of getting her pedicures! *Sigh*

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! STAY WARM! It's a whopping 7 degrees F right now! ACK!


  1. I am so grateful our girl with black nails wears them down herself. Our boy is a total crying baby about it. But I can't imagine either of them loving that kind of attention. You must be a pro!

    1. @ Emily: i know what u mean, spuds bites his nails and never lets us trim them. He does it himself, it's nice! With shadow, I just get creative... I let her choose where and how she feels like sitting, follow her lead on which foot to start with... And usually end up scratching her belly with my foot while trimming her nails. Haha!

  2. It sure looks cold!
    Just do it quickly and go back home soon!
    Sounds interesting the pedicure session!
    Have fun!
    And stay warm!
    Kisses and hugs

    1. @Lorenza: good idea! They are going potty very quickly and then running back to the door hehe.