Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday and Postcard Update...

From the cupcake patrol!

Here's what the weather is like this morning here in Ohio...excessive rain turned snow turned something in's supposed to be nice and sunny for the second half of the day. Let's see if that happens. This is a typical day of our roller coaster weather!

As for the postcards, people are really excited about them! I've passed out 57 to family, friends, and co-workers so far, so I have 43 left. By the end of today I hope to only have about 20 at the most (actually I hope I can distributed the rest today, but I'm being realistic with my goal!). Some people who love dogs haven't even heard about HB 14 and have asked me how I get information about it, so it has created an opportunity for me to share that information as well. This has really been a great way to spread the word. My stepmom works at a positive reinforcement training facility, and they took a bunch to set on their counter! So in short, things are going well and not only are the postcards serving to spread awareness about HB 14 to the governor, but also to the public in general!

~Wishing a Happy Friday, -The Pooches (&Anna)


  1. Well, *somebody* has got to keep the cupcake population under control ... ;-)

  2. Very true Dennis, very true. I can only imagine what would happen if it got out of control.... ;)