Friday, January 13, 2012

An Easy Way To Support HB 14

Hey everyone! If you saw my post If you Live in Ohio... that talked about BADRAP's update on Ohio's HB 14 ( ....this idea has come from all that. In case you don't know, an important part of this bill is that it will take the "pit bull" terminology out of the viscous dog definition. Read BADRAP's blog post to see what positive changes will happen if this bill is approved and passed.

BADRAP's post said the bill is expected to go through the Senate within the next week or so, and if they approve it, it will be passed on to the Governor of Ohio for review. People have been pushing to contact our senators to express our support for this bill. So...

I was thinking, if the bill goes to the governor, we should also be contacting him to express support.

Assuming it will pass through the Senate and go on to Governor John Kasich, I am willing to provide postcards for those who want them, to be mailed to the Governor.

Here is a design I have worked on so far:



As you can see, It has a message of support on it already and has Governor Kasich's address on it, but will also have room for you to add your return address and room for you to write your own message if you want.

I have not ordered them as of yet, because the bill hasn't gone through the Senate yet, but mostly because I want to know any suggestions for what should be on the postcard before I print it.

I plan to order 100, because I don't want to spend too much money if I don't have enough people willing to mail one in. But I plan on passing them out to my friends, family, and co-workers. And if any of you want some, I am willing to mail you as many as you think you can distribute (within 100 for now...) until I run out. And of course you will not have to pay anything for them. All you'd have to do is buy a stamp! It could be as simple as signing your name and dropping it in the mailbox.

Please give me suggestions or let me know if you would want any ASAP!


  1. What an EXCELLENT idea. I haven't heard too much about HB 14, even on the Anti-BSL lists that I'm on, but will research it a bit tonight!

    1. Sam- if u read that post by bad rap it will make it easy to understand. At least it did for me :)

  2. These look amazing, and I particularly like the wording you chose for the back side ("because I want better for Ohio"--OMG, YES! perfect!).

    I don't know how much of a dog person the governor is... but there are two suggestions I would have, just in terms of rhetoric / word choice. The first is on the front. The words "pit bull" tend to scare non-pit-bull people just because of the negative connotation. I might change it to something more broad--"positive changes for dogs" or "positive changes for dogs and citizens"--because, after all, HB 14 will bring benefits for everyone. :)

    The second is on the back: "Support equality for dogs." Equality for dogs is kind of a sticky wicket; many people think that equality for dogs is a ridiculous concept. But you can easily say "support equality" (just drop the part about dogs) and it works just as well. Because HB 14 makes people equal too!

    The final tricky part is the timing of HB 14's movements. If the bill gets out of the Senate, it still has to go to a House committee for final approval. Then it goes to the governor, assuming the House okays the Senate amendments. These various steps can happen super fast, or really slow. Anyone sending a postcard will have to keep up with the bill's progress and know when to send it (immediately after the House committee approves it, I guess).

    But, honestly, I think the cards are equally important simply for spreading awareness about HB 14 and the current discriminatory law, no matter if or when they arrive at the governor's. I think these are great! I wish more people would create stuff like this.

    1. Thanks so much- some of the things u had suggestions for we're the same things I was insure about! So I will make changes and I like it point abt these being good to get sent in to the governor at any time... Because even if they don't show up to him right in line with the steps the bill has to go through, him receiving them should raise the awareness and public support of the bill. Thank again!