Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Want Snowflakes!

I ventured outside in late September because it was a beautiful day and my parents' dogs were having so much fun. I couldn't resist! I like these pictures, it reminds me how even though September can be beautiful with the arrival of Fall, it also still looks very summer-y. These pictures also remind me that I really would like to see snow just once this year :/. Hasn't happened yet!
Kleo would like to say Hai.... She is not always innocent, don't believe those eyes! She is actually very sweet, but has her moments. About 5 or 6 years ago, her and her sister Koko (below) were rescued by a group in Chicago because apparently they were born on a farm ...the owners were not interested in having puppies and the man said he'd do something unmentionable to the pups if they weren't taken away. So...they had to be weaned from their mom at 1 day old. Not the best thing to do to a puppy! But believe me, the alternative would've been worse. So, Kleo has some personality quirks, perhaps due to her lack of mommy time? Who knows. I love her anyway. ...
She's so photogenic, I like taking pictures of her! Look at her little head-tilt. She's a natural :)
Kleo's sister Koko enjoyed basking on the deck. Doesn't she look so proper? So anyway...they were in Chicago and were put into a foster home. My step mom and I took a trip to meet the pups. Then we drove home...then when they were ready to be adopted we drove from Ohio to Chicago again to spend some more time with them. My parents were only planning on having one..but ended up bringing these two home :)
And then there's Kyla... I love her little face! She has an eternal crush on Chad. (don't tell her I told you!) If you don't remember her or recognize her name, remember, you can always click on my link Learn More About the Dogs .
Tree in a trellis...
Leafy trellis...
Can you find 3 bees in this picture? I'm proud that I actually got this close to them lol.
Hopefully I will have a wintery landscape to take pics of soon. I want some new pictures of Shadow getting the zoomies in mounds of snow!!!
Wintery Snowflakes, ~The Pooches (& Anna)

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