Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Vegan Fun

Can you tell I'm really liking this whole cooking thing...and trying vegan foods thing...? :)
I made this yummy mushroon barley soup- it's more like a stew. I found the recipe on a free recipe card being handed out at the grocery store! And I only had to modify what type of butter I used to convert it to a vegan dish. It was amazing!
This is Daiya brand "cheese"...its vegan! I have used it in mexican dishes, grilled cheeses, and just eaten it plain. LOVE.
I am posting this picture on here because..I made a sandwich at work and then realized I couldv'e easily converted it to a vegan sandwich. It is just a whole wheat sandwich with lots of veggies, cheese, and mustard and other condiments. I could've easily switched out the cheese for hummus and made it amazingly vegan! I am not vegan..but I am vegetarian, and really enjoying trying to eat vegan options.
And theeseee.....are my nemesis. I tried FOUR times to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls and finally I got the yeast to rise and everything worked. But then...I didn't enjoy the taste of them that much :( I think the problem for me was that it was too much pumpkin. I think I would've liked them more if only the dough had pumpkin, and the filling remained cinnamon-y. But these had a pumpkin filling they weren't really a cinnamon roll at all. It's a cool concept, but I would suggest making them with a traditional cinnamon roll filling, and just making the pumpkin dough! You can google pumpkin cinnamon rolls and find about a million different recipes for them :) (These are vegan too- of course!)
Sharing the yumminess of having fun with food, -Anna (and The Pooches)

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