Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas baking and forgetting to take C-mas Pictures

Hey all! I was looking at some pictures I took a few months ago in September of Kasey and Kyla (my parents' dogs who are often on the blog). The weather in the pictures looks very much like what you would expect in fall..a little crisp look to the air, leaves on the ground, not quite as sunny as the summer was..... the funny thing is, it still kind of looks like this in Ohio except for the presence of colorful leaves... there hasn't really been a snow so far in my area and there are still more fall-type temperatures than winter temps. I always love snow on Christmas, but we haven't really had snow at all yet! Here are some of Kasey and Kyla's photos. They took it very seriously, as you can see.

Umm, yea. Thees r arr fotos. dont mess wif us. dis is seerios biznis.

Note- I did not plan for them to pose this way. They came up with it on their own. I must say they have good taste. I did have a pocket of treats though...

(Kasey is the one sitting, Kyla laying down)

Did yoo git the leevs in the pictur lady? Git the leeves!!!
Also... Like I said, I've been doing a lot of baking! These are the most wonder-mazing vegan cupcakes I've ever shoved in my mouth!!!!!!! I randomly found the recipe at
I substitute zero calorie sweetener for the regular sugar and they are very yummy. Icing is plenty sweet enough in my opinion. I used strawberry icing(pink) and peppermint icing (white) ...just store bought Pillsbury brand. I didn't see any ingredients in the label that weren't vegan so I figured they went with the vegan theme. Seriously, I could live off these. Try the recipe!!!! Try them with cherry or strawberry icing. It makes them irresistible :)
We got Spuds and Shadow "gourmet" dog Christmas gingerbread man cookies and gave them to them tonight. They were super excited. I forgot to take pics because I was just enjoying watching them and their excitement. They warm my heart every day!
~I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season~
Wishes of holiday magic, -The Pooches (and Anna)

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