Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

A day in pictures....

I had to work third shift on Christmas Eve-Christmas day. So I got to drive home to a Christmas morning sunrise:

Spuds on Christmas morning. Could he make himself any more loveable?

My favorite little pot-bellied mean dog. We didn't have snow on Christmas morning, but we did have the ground looked kind of white! lol

Chad giving Brutus love. There's a similar picture from last year's Christmas Post. We may have to keep the Brutus-Chad pic tradition going!

I think my grandma has the biggest cat on record, ha! Me and Cuddles... It feels like I'm holding a mountain lion lol.

Cuddles is mah name. Bein big is mah game. Purrrrr

We logged over 200 miles on yesterday alone driving to see all the family that we didn't already see on C-mas Eve. It was well worth it to spend the day with the ones we love :)

Hope Your Holiday Season is Filled With Joy, ~The Pooches (and Anna&Chad)

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