Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost Vegan Ginger Cookies Attempt

At least they look pretty, right?

I tried to make vegan ginger cookies from Oh She Glows (a great vegan cooking blog!)

The recipe is at http://ohsheglows.com/2010/09/29/wedded-bliss-soft-ginger-cookies/ I suggest you follow the recipe exactly as she has it instead of trying to improvise like I did :)

Have I mentioned I'm a novice baker? First...I didn't have all the ingredients even though I thought I did. I didn't have any vegan butter, so I had to use regular. Other than that...it's all vegan ingredients.

Also, the ingredients calls for blackstrap molasses, but I didn't have that so I used syrup (syrup is also in the recipe, so I figured I could sub that for molasses!)

Then...it called for ground chia seeds, but mine weren't ground. I hoped it would be no big deal...

Thennnn it called for a certain type of sugar to top them with but I didn't have that so I used powdered sugar. I wasn't very prepared as you can see.

In the end...the cookies have a really nice flavor but the texture is a little spongy and airy- almost more like a coffee cake than a cookie. So, I am determined to remake them exactly to the recipe, because I am confident that if they were "so-so" with all my mess-ups, they'll be fabulous when adhering to the recipe!

Anyway... www.ohsheglows.com has so many yummy recipes for any of you out there looking for fun vegan food.

Let the cooking adventures continue.....

Sugary Goodness, -The Pooches (and Anna)

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