Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Holidays Were Fun!

We are disappointed that the holidays are over, but looking forward to winter being over FAST and the nice months getting closer now!

Spuds and Shadow had tons of fun destroying their stuffies from their stockings.

Partying. Pooch style.

Give it to me mom. Now.

How is this fun?
Seriously. Imagine how that would feel in your mouth. Only dogs.

All of my parents' dogs got together for Christmas and a photo shoot too! This is probably the only time you will ever see them all in one picture together. It was HARD to get a shot of them sitting still all at once!
Molly, Maggie, Kyla, Kasey(laying down), Koko, Kleo. If you don't recognize these pooches, click on the link "Who Are These Dogs, Anyways?" on the right side of my blog!

We went to my grandparents, who adopted Brutus. Remembe him? I blogged about him here: http://This and Pictures Come With Stories . He had a great time on Christmas. Here he is with my brother, nephew, and Aunt.

Chad giving Brutus some lovin. Brutus still acts very unsure of himself, but he also acts very happy. We will never know what his past may have been, but we know he is being loved now!

Hope you holidays were something to remember.
Looking forward to Spring, -The Pooches