Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Want Snowflakes!

I ventured outside in late September because it was a beautiful day and my parents' dogs were having so much fun. I couldn't resist! I like these pictures, it reminds me how even though September can be beautiful with the arrival of Fall, it also still looks very summer-y. These pictures also remind me that I really would like to see snow just once this year :/. Hasn't happened yet!
Kleo would like to say Hai.... She is not always innocent, don't believe those eyes! She is actually very sweet, but has her moments. About 5 or 6 years ago, her and her sister Koko (below) were rescued by a group in Chicago because apparently they were born on a farm ...the owners were not interested in having puppies and the man said he'd do something unmentionable to the pups if they weren't taken away. So...they had to be weaned from their mom at 1 day old. Not the best thing to do to a puppy! But believe me, the alternative would've been worse. So, Kleo has some personality quirks, perhaps due to her lack of mommy time? Who knows. I love her anyway. ...
She's so photogenic, I like taking pictures of her! Look at her little head-tilt. She's a natural :)
Kleo's sister Koko enjoyed basking on the deck. Doesn't she look so proper? So anyway...they were in Chicago and were put into a foster home. My step mom and I took a trip to meet the pups. Then we drove home...then when they were ready to be adopted we drove from Ohio to Chicago again to spend some more time with them. My parents were only planning on having one..but ended up bringing these two home :)
And then there's Kyla... I love her little face! She has an eternal crush on Chad. (don't tell her I told you!) If you don't remember her or recognize her name, remember, you can always click on my link Learn More About the Dogs .
Tree in a trellis...
Leafy trellis...
Can you find 3 bees in this picture? I'm proud that I actually got this close to them lol.
Hopefully I will have a wintery landscape to take pics of soon. I want some new pictures of Shadow getting the zoomies in mounds of snow!!!
Wintery Snowflakes, ~The Pooches (& Anna)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

A day in pictures....

I had to work third shift on Christmas Eve-Christmas day. So I got to drive home to a Christmas morning sunrise:

Spuds on Christmas morning. Could he make himself any more loveable?

My favorite little pot-bellied mean dog. We didn't have snow on Christmas morning, but we did have the ground looked kind of white! lol

Chad giving Brutus love. There's a similar picture from last year's Christmas Post. We may have to keep the Brutus-Chad pic tradition going!

I think my grandma has the biggest cat on record, ha! Me and Cuddles... It feels like I'm holding a mountain lion lol.

Cuddles is mah name. Bein big is mah game. Purrrrr

We logged over 200 miles on yesterday alone driving to see all the family that we didn't already see on C-mas Eve. It was well worth it to spend the day with the ones we love :)

Hope Your Holiday Season is Filled With Joy, ~The Pooches (and Anna&Chad)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Vegan Fun

Can you tell I'm really liking this whole cooking thing...and trying vegan foods thing...? :)
I made this yummy mushroon barley soup- it's more like a stew. I found the recipe on a free recipe card being handed out at the grocery store! And I only had to modify what type of butter I used to convert it to a vegan dish. It was amazing!
This is Daiya brand "cheese"...its vegan! I have used it in mexican dishes, grilled cheeses, and just eaten it plain. LOVE.
I am posting this picture on here because..I made a sandwich at work and then realized I couldv'e easily converted it to a vegan sandwich. It is just a whole wheat sandwich with lots of veggies, cheese, and mustard and other condiments. I could've easily switched out the cheese for hummus and made it amazingly vegan! I am not vegan..but I am vegetarian, and really enjoying trying to eat vegan options.
And theeseee.....are my nemesis. I tried FOUR times to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls and finally I got the yeast to rise and everything worked. But then...I didn't enjoy the taste of them that much :( I think the problem for me was that it was too much pumpkin. I think I would've liked them more if only the dough had pumpkin, and the filling remained cinnamon-y. But these had a pumpkin filling they weren't really a cinnamon roll at all. It's a cool concept, but I would suggest making them with a traditional cinnamon roll filling, and just making the pumpkin dough! You can google pumpkin cinnamon rolls and find about a million different recipes for them :) (These are vegan too- of course!)
Sharing the yumminess of having fun with food, -Anna (and The Pooches)

Merry Christmas baking and forgetting to take C-mas Pictures

Hey all! I was looking at some pictures I took a few months ago in September of Kasey and Kyla (my parents' dogs who are often on the blog). The weather in the pictures looks very much like what you would expect in fall..a little crisp look to the air, leaves on the ground, not quite as sunny as the summer was..... the funny thing is, it still kind of looks like this in Ohio except for the presence of colorful leaves... there hasn't really been a snow so far in my area and there are still more fall-type temperatures than winter temps. I always love snow on Christmas, but we haven't really had snow at all yet! Here are some of Kasey and Kyla's photos. They took it very seriously, as you can see.

Umm, yea. Thees r arr fotos. dont mess wif us. dis is seerios biznis.

Note- I did not plan for them to pose this way. They came up with it on their own. I must say they have good taste. I did have a pocket of treats though...

(Kasey is the one sitting, Kyla laying down)

Did yoo git the leevs in the pictur lady? Git the leeves!!!
Also... Like I said, I've been doing a lot of baking! These are the most wonder-mazing vegan cupcakes I've ever shoved in my mouth!!!!!!! I randomly found the recipe at
I substitute zero calorie sweetener for the regular sugar and they are very yummy. Icing is plenty sweet enough in my opinion. I used strawberry icing(pink) and peppermint icing (white) ...just store bought Pillsbury brand. I didn't see any ingredients in the label that weren't vegan so I figured they went with the vegan theme. Seriously, I could live off these. Try the recipe!!!! Try them with cherry or strawberry icing. It makes them irresistible :)
We got Spuds and Shadow "gourmet" dog Christmas gingerbread man cookies and gave them to them tonight. They were super excited. I forgot to take pics because I was just enjoying watching them and their excitement. They warm my heart every day!
~I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season~
Wishes of holiday magic, -The Pooches (and Anna)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost Vegan Ginger Cookies Attempt

At least they look pretty, right?

I tried to make vegan ginger cookies from Oh She Glows (a great vegan cooking blog!)

The recipe is at I suggest you follow the recipe exactly as she has it instead of trying to improvise like I did :)

Have I mentioned I'm a novice baker? First...I didn't have all the ingredients even though I thought I did. I didn't have any vegan butter, so I had to use regular. Other than's all vegan ingredients.

Also, the ingredients calls for blackstrap molasses, but I didn't have that so I used syrup (syrup is also in the recipe, so I figured I could sub that for molasses!) called for ground chia seeds, but mine weren't ground. I hoped it would be no big deal...

Thennnn it called for a certain type of sugar to top them with but I didn't have that so I used powdered sugar. I wasn't very prepared as you can see.

In the end...the cookies have a really nice flavor but the texture is a little spongy and airy- almost more like a coffee cake than a cookie. So, I am determined to remake them exactly to the recipe, because I am confident that if they were "so-so" with all my mess-ups, they'll be fabulous when adhering to the recipe!

Anyway... has so many yummy recipes for any of you out there looking for fun vegan food.

Let the cooking adventures continue.....

Sugary Goodness, -The Pooches (and Anna)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Monday

~"Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it"~
(just heard this on the radio and had to add it onto the post!)

Hey all. Spuds and Shadow wanted to encourage everyone to have a happy Monday, as hard as that may be!

Psst. Have a gud Munday.

Yeaa! Hav a guuuud muunndayyy!

Let us show you how we have gud mundays...


A little bit of fun each day takes the stress away!

In other news... I've been really into cooking during this holiday season. I made an apple walnut brie braid with brown sugar topping. I'm going to retry this recipe and modify it to be vegan...I'll let you know how it turns out and try to take a more flattering pic of it! :) What have you been cooking in the spirit of the holidays?

We hope you have a "gud munday" full of fun and yummy treats :)

~The Pooches (and Anna)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We've Missed You All!!!!

Hiiiiiii!!!! We've been MIA for a while now. I didn't realize how much time had passed. Don't worry, as you can see, we're still cool :)

~Love, from The Pooches.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Childhood

...was largely based on my love of animals. I was sorting pictures today and came across a couple pictures that pretty much sum me up as a kid:

Me with Little Bear (the Chocolate Lab) and Marble (the Yellow Lab). They were my buds! Marble died when she was 3 or 4 of cancer. Bear lived to be almost 14. I was 17 years old when he died. I hold a special place in my heart for Chocolate Labs because of Bear :) I love this picture because it reminds me how happy I was with them and there are a lot of good memories with these dogs.

Since the real animals couldn't explore the neighborhood with me, I guess I substituted my stuffed animals. I don't remember that cat puppet thing, but the seal, she was one of my favorites. She was called "Sealy." I got her as a Christmas present.

I am trying to organize all the randomness that I have stuffed into drawers everywhere around here, so as I find pics of Little Bear, I may do a blog post about his life and our time together :)

In other news...I JUST GRADUATED WITH MY MASTER'S DEGREE!!!!!!!! I feel like a free woman!!! Wooohooo!!!! Hopefully you will be seeing more of me on here now!

Until next time,

-The Pooches (and their humans).

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beyond The Myth

Hi all!! I recently heard about a documentary that is having showings and it's about Pitbulls and breed discrimination. It is called Beyond The Myth. Does anyone know if it's any good, if the information is accurate? Basically, does anyone know if it's worth seeing?? I would have to drive a couple hours to see it which I totally want to do if it is worth seeing!!

I hope everyone out there had a great Easter!! <3Looking forward to summer<3,

-The Pooches

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pitbull Necklace (Cell Phone Pix Series: Part 6)

I helped with a fundraiser back in December for a local Pitbull rescue, and thought I needed something pitbull-ish to wear! So I ordered a cute necklace from

The order went smoothly and I received it right on time! It even came in this cute little box:

With a nice note and info about the jewelry!
Here's the necklace (sorry it's blurry :/ ). It's really cute and a great buy! There is a bigger version of the charm than this one. I bought the mini version and kind of wish I would've gotten the bigger one just because you can't really see what this one is if you aren't close to it, but other than that I love it!

The fundraiser was to wrap presents for everyone at a mall, and the people who want presents wrapped pay by donation. It was sooo fun, and everyone was in the Christmas spirit. No one was in a rush or grumpy, and everyone was very generous. The holiday season is the one thing I love about winter. Everyone just seems a little happier.
We hope every one's February is off to a great start! We've had horrible weather here, we're just trying to stay warm and cheery throughout the rest of this gloomy winter season!
Warm thoughts & Pibble bling, -The Pooches

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Holidays Were Fun!

We are disappointed that the holidays are over, but looking forward to winter being over FAST and the nice months getting closer now!

Spuds and Shadow had tons of fun destroying their stuffies from their stockings.

Partying. Pooch style.

Give it to me mom. Now.

How is this fun?
Seriously. Imagine how that would feel in your mouth. Only dogs.

All of my parents' dogs got together for Christmas and a photo shoot too! This is probably the only time you will ever see them all in one picture together. It was HARD to get a shot of them sitting still all at once!
Molly, Maggie, Kyla, Kasey(laying down), Koko, Kleo. If you don't recognize these pooches, click on the link "Who Are These Dogs, Anyways?" on the right side of my blog!

We went to my grandparents, who adopted Brutus. Remembe him? I blogged about him here: http://This and Pictures Come With Stories . He had a great time on Christmas. Here he is with my brother, nephew, and Aunt.

Chad giving Brutus some lovin. Brutus still acts very unsure of himself, but he also acts very happy. We will never know what his past may have been, but we know he is being loved now!

Hope you holidays were something to remember.
Looking forward to Spring, -The Pooches