Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Christmas Time!

So this year we got our Christmas tree from....the grocery store! See?:

Hahahhahaaha! I couldn't resist taking a picture of a tree in a shopping cart. Priceless, right?
The dogs' stockings are getting stuffed...

Shadow supervising Dad trim the tree branches...

We bought OSU colored ornaments (from Dollar General)! Not too bad for a grocery store tree, eh? And we got our lights from Goodwill. This is the ultimate bargain tree :) Chad asked the dogs where they wanted to put the ornaments, then wherever their nose would hit, we'd put one!

Spuds is supervising from a higher view:

Spuds and Shadow are showing off their Christmas attire:
We feel stoopid. Do we look keyoot at least?

Spuudssss, stop makin' out with me!

Shadow: I am so. embarrassed.

Until Christmas, they'll be waiting patiently...
See Spuds' hat doubling as our tree topper? haha

Dear doG, pleez let us git lots uv good stuf in our stokkings. We were reel gud. Luv, The Pooches.


  1. The majority of our ornaments are Ohio State :)


  2. Cute pictures! I love the Christmas tree in a shopping cart :)

  3. haha bout the tree from the grocery...hope you and yur pups had a great christmas!!!and nnew year!!!