Monday, October 25, 2010

Petfinder Pick of the Week!

Not that I can promise I'll post something -ahem- someone, this cute every week, but, I'll try!
I was perusing Petfinder yesterday and found pretty much the cutest thing in the world:
His name is Isaac and he's full grown and 30 lbs!! It's like having a puppy forever! He is a Springer Spaniel/Chocolate lab/pit bull terrier mix. Here's his link: there are more adorabull pics of him. And he also has a brother who is 50 lbs!! How could you not love this face? That's why you should go adopt him. Just sayin' :)
Alright, I've officially lost too many brain cells looking at this beautiful pooch. Gotta sign off now... :)
Chocolate puppy goodness and happy wags, -The Pooches

1 comment:

  1. thats an adult dog? oh my gosh I could just eat him up