Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cell Phone Pix Series: Part 2

I took this picture probably about two years ago. You may wonder why I took a picture of a seemingly random tow truck. The next picture will show you why...

It looked like Spuds was sitting in the front seat!! (Now, it was stupid for this driver to leave his dog in the truck with the window all the way down, but..such a cute dog!) I had to do a double take as I walked out of the fast food restaurant because at first I thought I saw Spuds which would've been impossible lol. When I got home I said to Chad, "Look what I saw today" and when he saw this picture he said "holy crap I thought that was Spuds for a second!"

Other cell pix of Spuds include...

Daddddd, pet me! NOW! How can you resist my adorabullness?

Fine. I'll just lay on your face 'til you pay attention to me.

And of course pics of Spuds "take your child to work day" experience!

I'm ready for work dad!

I'll drive!

A little to the left, dad.


I've got lots more randomness from over the last 2 years or so...stay tuned!


  1. he is just too cute! I wonder where he would drive to


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  3. How do we know Spuds doesn't moonlight as a tow truck driver?