Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ohh Myy Gooosshhh!!

Blogger granted me the gift of downloading ONE picture...I think because it's a crappy unedited very small cell phone pic....So, Hopefully it'll do for now.

I told you Shadow was gaining weight? It has turned her into a demon of the night...

Or something...

Summer Has Begun

Hi everyone,

I hope your summer is starting with a bang! I can't get any pictures to post right now...this is turning into the story of my life- blogger hasn't been letting me post pictures when I'm at Chad's house...which is a bummer because I really want you to see these pictures!!!!

Anyway...I've been having fun catching up on everyone's blogs. There's a lot going on around here, and I'm not sure how much you'll be interested in nor do I know where to start, Ha!

I don't think I told you Spuds had a vet appointment a few weeks ago? He had persistent diahrrea - they did several things including around "up there" for pollups and didn't find anything serious wrong with him and prescribed a few things to help with the diahrrea...his stool has been improving although I'm not convinced it's 100% yet....we'll keep you updated :)

Meanwhile Shadow is gaining too much weight and I think she's going to go on a diet..

Kado is still dopey as ever, haning out with his baby person sister who is now a toddler.

Chad and I babysat his mom's Jack Russel Terrier last week and I have pictures of that too! Shadow liked him...kind of lol. He's a pretty annoying pooch (I'm saying that with love!)

Chad and I have been really busy, as always. For any writers or readers out there, I recently read Stephen King's On Writing and it has motivated me to keep writing. Also, I officially have one year left of graduate school, yay! I have a pretty intense internship starting Monday...24 hours a week without pay, but internships are so helpful and I'm excited. Chad is working anywhere from 8-14 hours a day right now, so he only has time to work and sleep, no fun!

Oh well, Sorry this blog post is picture-free, I really don't know why it won't let me add pictures in here while I'm at Chads, but sooner or later I'll get it figured out. I hope your Father's Day is awesome tomorrow!

Lots of love to the Blogger family, -Anna