Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winter to Spring

Hi everybody!! Here's what's been going on in Ohio...

We went from too much snow to keep track of in February...

Frigid blue nights...

Hazy days

To this!! Color, grass, playtime!!! (And no, Chad's not in the MS13 gang even though he has tattoos...haha. - He got a lot of stares in the Miami airport after our cruise! It was quite comical)

Couldn't be happier to have some playtime in nice weather!!

Chad had just picked this up and didn't even have a chance to think about throwing it before Kado tried grabbing it out of his hands! He is ALWAYS up for playing!! Woohoo!

Shadow stalking something.... Can you guess what?...or whooo?

Stalking Kado! Who is apparently oblivious.

Still oblivious... Actually he just waits for her to get really close before pulling his ultra quick "juke moves." Shadow's legs are too short to keep up!

Some ducks even came to spend time in the creek. Chad and I tried to sneak up on them and get some pics, but by the time we could actually see them, they got spooked and flew away

Umm, Shadow? You have a little something on your collar...
I'm not sure if burrs are in all areas of the US- they are little sticky/prickly weeds or something that stick to clothing and what-not. Not painful, just annoying.

At least she had fun, funny looking burrs on the collar and all! She's our little pot-bellied pig :)

But there are still signs of the storms of winter. See both of the big cracks in the branches? There is the obvious one, and then 2 branches below is a branch that is cracked in the middle. It would be interesting to know how that happened- wind, lightning?

Many trees were broken and cracked during this winter.

There's been lots going on around here! And today I remembered it's been about a year since I started this blog! It was March 2009, how cool- one year of blogging anniversary!

I also have another job for now, working with dog boarding. What's cool is this place helps a local dog rescue as well, so I get to spend time with pups who need a home. It's been nice so far, except that it gives a lot less time for telling all of you what's up! I'll try to blog again later in the week and read up on all of yours as well! I've missed spending all my extra time on here :(

How is everyone's 'Spring' coming along anyway!? I know I've been in a much better mood since the weather has warmed up. Hopefully it stays this way- the gloomy, cold, grey winter weather makes me feel, well, gloomy, cold, and grey (or is it gray?) lol! Hope all of you are doing well!