Friday, February 12, 2010

Wireless, Birthdays, and Old Pics

Chad has wireless internet at his house now so I can be on my laptop anytime! WOOHOO! I was looking through some of my old pics and found some cute ones of the dogs...

Here's Spuds dressed up for Christmas 2005, so that would have made him 1yr and 9mo old in this pic:

And this was Spuds on St. Patrick's day 2006, so he was 2 yrs old...and blinked in the pic, haha!

Finally, here's Kado from 2008. He was only months old if you can't tell. So cute! (His birthday is next month, he'll b a whole 2 years old!)

I have puppy pics of Spuds from when he was realllyyy little, but that was before the time of having a digital camera, so it will take some effort for me to get those on here. I plan on doing that at some point, he was the cutest little puppy.

We don't really have any puppy pics of Shadow because she was 11 months old when we rescued her. We aren't even sure when her birthday is, and really, not even sure when her "gotcha" day is because originally she was going to be more of a foster... but we know she's about a month older than Kado, so her birthday was probably the first week of February...and the first picture I have of her is from December 31st, but I know she was with us for Christmas because I had a stocking for her from last year. So I think she came to us about a week before Christmas. I meant to blog about her special days, but, OOPS! So there you have it! Let's here it for a happy estimated birthday for Shadow :) She's 2, and even though she's only been with us for about a year, I can't imagine what life would be like without her being part of the family. She's just perfect, and it seems like she's always been here :)

Well, it's 1:21am here, so I'm signing off. Goodnight!


  1. dont you wonder what we did before digital cameras?

  2. Good to see you back! You haven't been posting enough cute pictures of your pups. :)

  3. Nice pitchers Spuds! I hopes you getted sum good treets fer bein all dressed up like that.

    Yer pal Dozer

  4. Gotta love wireless internet! I just got my own hot spot, so I can log on from anywhere Verizon has a signal! I'd be lost without my laptop!!

    Cute photos - Spuds is quite the good sport!!


  5. Birthdays are the days we pick for our rescues :) Daisy is the same way I brought her home in March of '06 and she was bout 6 months old, so I picked 9/9/05, my grampas birthday. About right and I will never forget it.

  6. Your pups are so cute. :-) I've got pics of Church and I need to post some more, but now that I have the interest to do so, I don't have the TIME to do so. *sigh* Compromise. :-)