Monday, February 1, 2010


It's been cold here in Ohio! Just a few weeks ago it was sooo snowy outside:

Spuds doesn't get too excited about the white fluffy stuff...

But Shadow does!



While it might look like Shadow "burned rubber" in the yard running around so much, I think that cirlular pattern is from someone getting stuck in the yard...haha.

Please let me in. It's faareezzzing!!

He doesn't know what he's talkin' about, let's go play!!!

This helps show how much snow we got...

So we decided to keep the dogs in and play with stuffies from the thrift store (Thanks for the suggestion, Houston Pittie Pack!)

Yummm, 25 cent stuffyyy

Shadow looks so sweet in this pic....don't let her fool you ;)

And since it was so cold here, Chad and I decided to go on a cruise! Actually, we planned this in December, and it came at perfect timing!

Spuds was there...kind of.

At sea on one of the decks.

It was so beautiful the whole time. We went to a few different islands in the Bahamas. And we did a Sea Lion Encounter, it was amazing! Definately a much needed get away :)


  1. wow that cruise looks mighty pawsome
    are pooches allowed in there
    our mommish has been trynna convice our grammy to takes care of us so she can go on one too
    are'nt stuffys from the thrifty so much fun
    cause that way mommish does'nt get mad when we destuff them in like 5 mins cause they only costed 25 cents
    wiggles and pibble sugar
    the houston pittie pack

  2. isnt is funny how different dog personalities are?

  3. Yea for playing in the snow!! I love it!!

  4. It sure was good timing with the cruise!! Any pics from the sea lion encounter?? I bet that was amazing! Funny, I like the snow because I can see my dogs (especially the black Brutus) at night - looks like it works the opposite way with Spuds - all I see in that first picture is his eyespot!


  5. Good to get away from the snow for a while, eh? :-D