Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Christmas Time!

So this year we got our Christmas tree from....the grocery store! See?:

Hahahhahaaha! I couldn't resist taking a picture of a tree in a shopping cart. Priceless, right?
The dogs' stockings are getting stuffed...

Shadow supervising Dad trim the tree branches...

We bought OSU colored ornaments (from Dollar General)! Not too bad for a grocery store tree, eh? And we got our lights from Goodwill. This is the ultimate bargain tree :) Chad asked the dogs where they wanted to put the ornaments, then wherever their nose would hit, we'd put one!

Spuds is supervising from a higher view:

Spuds and Shadow are showing off their Christmas attire:
We feel stoopid. Do we look keyoot at least?

Spuudssss, stop makin' out with me!

Shadow: I am so. embarrassed.

Until Christmas, they'll be waiting patiently...
See Spuds' hat doubling as our tree topper? haha

Dear doG, pleez let us git lots uv good stuf in our stokkings. We were reel gud. Luv, The Pooches.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Stupid Vick

I know everyone has already been talking about this, but....Michael Vick wants a dog?! SERIOUSLY?! Can he just shut up already? I'm usually all about forgiving, but the more information that comes out about how horrible he was to his dogs makes me have no interest in anything he has to say... and I don't think he ever deserves to have another dog. I brought out a past blog post photo for this one. Here's how we feel about him:

What do you think about his latest comment?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mega Post!

We've been taking lots of pictures...

And getting lots of snow today!

The roads are getting slicker and slicker by the minute.

But it sure looks pretty.

The dogs definately didn't come along for this car ride.

Snow makes a typical trip to the store into an adventure! Haha. Which of our other readers are getting snow? We hope our fellow Ohioans Brutus, Mason and Carmen over at Brutus the Frenchie (and Carmen too) are staying warm!

Spuds has continued his work in trying to communicate through signs. He's really getting impatient waiting for Christmas:

I's so keyoote I can make Christmas come early.

While Shadow takes a slightly different approach:

I'm cute. Duh. What's Christmas anywayz?
...move Spuds. I'm workin' my cuteness to get a treat right now!


Shadow, there's no time fer treats now. Christmas is coming. Can't u read?
It IS coming, right humans?

Ughhh, I can't wait en ne longer.

We are hoping these stockings will lift Spuds' spirit a little. We were going to go get a tree today, but, well...the snow made that a little too difficult.

We are looking forward to the holidays. Hope you all are staying warm out there!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cell Phone Pix Series: Part 5- It's Still snowy out

We have had snow flurries more often than not since the first of December. I don't really mind, it makes the cold winter months pretty :)

...hmm, I think there have been some pooches around here... hehehe

Since it's been so cold, we've been staying inside, just to anyway. Here's me while I try to read. Spuds makes it kind of hard...

Here's Chad and babygirl Shadow. It's kind of hard to see, but this is how they fell asleep, with their foreheads up against each other. It was so cute, I had to sneak a picture!

Sorry for the somewhat blurry/hard to see pics. I've had my cell phone on me more often lately than my actual camera :(
Hope you are enjoying your winter and holiday season so far!!!!
Flurries and fun, -The Pooches

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First of December...First Snow!

We woke up to snow today! First of the season! I thought my windows were just frosted, so I went to start my car, and realized it was snow. Yay! (I actually hate winter, but if it's going to be cold there better at least be snow!).

Just a little dusting, but it's still coming down!

Spuds wouldn't sit for a picture, I think it was too cold to sit, ha!

Mommmm, my butt is cold!!

Happy December everyone!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our November So Far

We've had an interesting November so far...

-First bit of news: Kado moved out! Well, I should say, Kado's mommy and daddy moved out. So, while we definitely miss our orange buddy, we are happy for them to start a new journey. But no worries, we'll be sure to bring our camera with us anytime we see Kado :)

So, the TV that was in the living room was Kado's mommy and daddy's TV. I hung a Merry Christmas sign where the TV used to be for now, haha! Spuds took advantage of this new sign to express his feelings about Thanksgiving:

Mommm, that Thanksgiving is over, can't Christmas be here already?

Chad is a custom sign fabricator, so (he usually makes signs much bigger and more complicated that the Merry Christmas one) if you want your own sign like this let me know in a comment with your email address and I'll give you details! I can also post some more pictures of the actual sign by itself to get a better idea of what it looks like. We plan on hanging on the door with garland around it :)

-Next bit of news in birthday was last week, and Chad and I's 9 year anniversary!

-Our Thanksgiving: I didn't get many pics... we spent the day with family of course, and brought table scraps back for the pooches! I spent most of the day playing with the C-mas sign so I will have more pics of the dogs with it. We were thankful for having a stress free day with lots of love.

- I went shopping on Black Friday! My step mom and I spent a lot of time at the specialty dog store- I got Spuds and Shadow some Christmas dress up stuff specially for dogs! It's going to be a fun picture-taking December. I also bought a vegan dessert cookbook today! I can't wait to try out the recipes...I'll let you know how it goes.

I have been trying to read all your blogs, just haven't had as much time to post my own- this month has been a bit of an adjustment with the changes in the house and getting through the birthday, anniversary, and Thanksgiving all within a couple weeks! busy busy!

I still have a few cute pictures from October I need to download and post from my cell phone!!! Another cell phone series post to come soon.....

Giving thanks and dreaming of Christmas, -The Pooches

Saturday, October 30, 2010



Hope everyone has a good end of October! Spuds has been spooked by the halloween spirit!
(And don't forget to watch the Buckeyes game, they are kickin' butt right now! woot woot!)
Spooky Spuds Eyes and yummy halloween treats, -The Pooches

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cell Phone Pix Series: Part 4

Chad has been having to work lately on Saturdays, so one Saturday a few weeks ago I decided to give him something to smile about when he got home. I took one of his old t-shirts and made the dogs look adora-bull!

Spuds sports his homemade Buckeyes gear:

Don't show these pictures, I'm embarrassed!

Spuds thanking me for his cool shirt. Don't let his humble look fool you in these pics. Everytime we dress him up he has to prance around to everyone in the house as if he's showing off his coolness. He gets really excited if you tell him he looks cool, ha!

Don't worry, I used the other half of the shirt to make Shadow one, too!
She was more into chewing on her ball than showing her Buckeye pride... oh well!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Petfinder Pick of the Week!

Not that I can promise I'll post something -ahem- someone, this cute every week, but, I'll try!
I was perusing Petfinder yesterday and found pretty much the cutest thing in the world:
His name is Isaac and he's full grown and 30 lbs!! It's like having a puppy forever! He is a Springer Spaniel/Chocolate lab/pit bull terrier mix. Here's his link: there are more adorabull pics of him. And he also has a brother who is 50 lbs!! How could you not love this face? That's why you should go adopt him. Just sayin' :)
Alright, I've officially lost too many brain cells looking at this beautiful pooch. Gotta sign off now... :)
Chocolate puppy goodness and happy wags, -The Pooches

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pitbull Awareness Day! And Post Number 100!

Happy Pitbull Awareness Day Everyone! Shadow got to practice her "on-leash" skills today!

And Shadow and Spuds got "donuts" (Actually dog treats that just look like donuts, haha!) The white one for Spuds, the pink one for Shadow.

Spuds enjoying his "donut." This picture made his eyes glow, so I tried to fix it with the red eye function on Picnik," so that's why his eyes look kinda weird in this pic lol.

And I just realized as a posted this that it is my 100th post! How Exciting!!!!!
Hug your dogs today!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cell Phone Pix Series: Part 3

Another picture from a while back on my cell. This is a good picture of one of my favorite things about her. She has a big black stripe on this side of her nose. It was the first thing I noticed about her, and it made me instantly fall in love with her adorable face. I like it too because it makes her markings unique and asymmetrical.

These next few pictures are from earlier this week. Spuds and her go potty separately to ensure that they do their business before playing. So Spuds always goes first, and the whole time he's outside Shadow rings the bells on the door and stares out the window. She always rings the bells when he gets back to the door.
Mommmm, when is MY turn!?
She literally sits on her butt while she waits for him. I love when she sits like this, she looks so funny!
This picture makes her look so heavenly! (don't they say pictures are deceiving? hehehe) God (or whoever you may believe in!) is shining his light on Shadooby (one of my nicknames for her!).

Don't worry, Spuds finished up his duty soon after these pictures and Shadow was "finally" (as she would say if she could) let out :)

Just catching up...

...on reading everyone's blogs. I'm sitting with my lap top right now and Spuds doesn't approve. Since I am paying more attention to the black box on my lap than him, he felt like he had to be at least a small part of my focus. Hence the ear on the keyboard...

This is a pretty normal sight for when I'm on here in blog land, just thought I should share!

Cozy nights and happy dogs, -The Pooches

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cell Phone Pix Series: Part 2

I took this picture probably about two years ago. You may wonder why I took a picture of a seemingly random tow truck. The next picture will show you why...

It looked like Spuds was sitting in the front seat!! (Now, it was stupid for this driver to leave his dog in the truck with the window all the way down, but..such a cute dog!) I had to do a double take as I walked out of the fast food restaurant because at first I thought I saw Spuds which would've been impossible lol. When I got home I said to Chad, "Look what I saw today" and when he saw this picture he said "holy crap I thought that was Spuds for a second!"

Other cell pix of Spuds include...

Daddddd, pet me! NOW! How can you resist my adorabullness?

Fine. I'll just lay on your face 'til you pay attention to me.

And of course pics of Spuds "take your child to work day" experience!

I'm ready for work dad!

I'll drive!

A little to the left, dad.


I've got lots more randomness from over the last 2 years or so...stay tuned!