Sunday, December 20, 2009

Package Fun!

Hey, you guys got a package!

Shut up, no we didn't. I'm soo not fallin fer that one.

No really, you did. It's from our pittie furriends at Kissa-bull blog. Look!

Oh my doG we did! It's even addressed to us!

Spuds decided to get a closer look.

Hmmm, wut do we have here. Sure smells yummy!

The first thing we saw was a Christmas card. The pooches enjoyed that. If you couldn't tell, they were very much in the Christmas spirit, what with their hats and all.

How nice of the pittie pack!
Mmmm, this luks perfect fer me!!

Mine mine mine mine mine! Luk wut I got!

Ooooh, there's one fer me too!

I think she kind of liked this bone. I'm just sayin....


She was sure to not miss a crumb. The pooches were so excited about all the cool stuff in their very first package!

Here's all the stuff they got. Shadow was supposed to be modeling next to it but she was a little occupied stuffing her face! :)

Of course Kado had to join in on the fun too! He ate the third bone, then Chad decided to try out the toss-n-tug, which is the blue toy in the pic. Kado lloooovvess to play the most. He gets really enthusiastic and bounces reallllyyy high!

Mmmm, stuffy!

Why do I have to be sooo.short. Ugh!!

Shadow couldn't catch the ball so she opted for Kado's ear instead.

Spuds tried out the treats in the yellow box, and approved!

Thank you Brinks, Bella, Coco, and Guero for all the cool stuff!!

To top off their Christmas spirit-fun package-yummy stuff- day, it snowed! Shadow was sooo excited!!

Thanks again to our furriends for all the great stuff :)


  1. What a fun crew! How do you get their hats to stay on?

  2. @Schwang: I got the hats at CVS. They have drawstrings on them so you can tighten or loosen them to the perfect length so they stay on good!

  3. ooo we may have to get some of those hats! Have fun with the package! The toss and tug looks awesome!

  4. oh yay!!! we're just so furry happy you liked the pressies
    mommish sais that you guys are such nice,well behaved doggies cause you let your pawsome hats stay on , she tried that on us one year but we tried to eats them BOL
    mewy christmash
    the hosuton pittie pack

  5. Great loot, you guys! Merry Christmas!

  6. Love the hats!!! Loot is fun too!