Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holidays and Giving

Hi all! I hope your Thanksgiving week was wonderful. I'm happy to say for once, I didn't feel stress this holiday, I didn't feel rushed around, and it was drama free for me. Christmas is just around the corner now...and I feel like the past few days have been all about trees!

Chad and I have been together for a long time now, but have never gotten a real tree together, just had fake ones put up. So, on black Friday, the search began for our first real tree. (I recently discovered picnik.com so I edited these next few pics on there.) There were so many to walk through and look at...

And eventually we found one! We're standing in front of it now so you can't see it...

But here it is, the light one in front. I don't think it's actually that light of a green, but just the lighting in this picture...It's a Canaan tree. The needles feel like rubber so you can decorate without gloves. :)

What does this have to do with dogs, you ask? Well...nothing really...but I do have fun dog-related stuff planned for this post too!

Anyway, then we were driving to a local mall and saw this view ahead of us. See the evergreens in the shadows? Christmas is in the air.

Then we get to the mall and it's already been decorated! It was all lit up and it was chilly outside and the horse drawn buggie things with sleigh bells ringing were all around the streets. It was so pretty.

Ok, done with that now :) Onto dogs!

Villalobos Rescue (The Pitbull rescue on the show "Pitbulls and Parolees") is having a blanket drive. I found fleece throws at a local CVS for $2.50, so I bought a bunch to send out to the pitties in California! I'll post a pic of the blankets I got soon, they're still in my car (story of my life...). Shadow managed to sneak one away from me, and proceeded to chase her blanket-covered tail. She's never done that before. It seemed like she was trying to figure out what the heck it was under the blanket, haha! Here's the genius in action:

Last week I was at my parents' and happened to look out the back door to see something that made me smile. Two of their dogs, one of which you've met on the blog (Kasey, the bigger white and black one), were having the time of their lives playing together. Because there are so many unhappy dogs in this world, I never take for granted a chance to see happy dogs, with no greater worry than how long they'll get to stay outside and play. It warms my heart, so I thought I'd leave you with my cell phone video of them. Enjoy, and happy holidays!


  1. A real tree? Gosh I've always had artificial ones so I wouldn't know where to start! Plus, if my husband and I went out to hunt for one it would probably turn out like a scene from "Christmas Vacation"!!

    Michelle & Brutus

  2. oh shadow is such a cute goofball!! mommish laughs cause at night when we get up to drink water we always wake her up by sticking our nose on her cheek . that way she knows to lift the cover to let us in. we love fleece too.momish says she will check our local cvs for specials during lunch tomorrow. thanks for the tip.

    lots of wags and wiggles
    the houston pittie pack
    woof woof

  3. Congrats on your first tree! I can't wait to see the pooches together posing with it.

    Oh, and that picture of the road and the evergreens - PRICELESS! Nice shot!

  4. A lot of happy posts this Friday, I love it! And as far as my dogs are concerned, X-mas trees are of great interest! :)

  5. You know my two love the "whats under the blanket? Oh wait thats me!" game too