Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is Anyone Listening To Me?

Dad....daddy...DADD!!!! Are you dun with the fone yet?

Yes? Heyyyy!!! I have to ask you sumthin! Herrro?

Pssst. Ur scar luks funy. I was trying to ask daddy about it but he's too busy.

What do you guys think? It doesn't really look that funny, just wondering what you all think about that little black dot in the right (if you're looking at it) end of it.

P.S.- Something funny has been happening to Spuds in this halloween month...


  1. I think its OK, maybe some dried blood or a little scab. Not a big deal. You had me scared, I thought something bad happened to you!


  2. Yeah, it actually looks like it's healing nicely!

    Love the picture of Spuds and Shadow.

  3. @Stella: Sorry I scared you! we'll blame that on spuds...he needs to work on his social skills :) Yea, the dot looks kind of like a little blood blister or something, right under the skin. Didn't think it was a big deal but curious if other peoples' dogs out there have something like it.

    @Sam: Thanks!

  4. uh oh! Don't let the humans have too much fun at your expense this Halloween!

  5. I think you may have a little piece of suture left in there. Been there. :)

  6. Maybe an undisolved stitch. I wouldnt fret unless it starts looking red and puffy and tender. Oh and i thing you guys are all on track for my Halloween contest!! Come check it out anD send over a photo!!!