Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Brutus' That's Ridiculous" Contest Entry

Ok, the link to find out more) Brutus the Frenchie is doing a really fun contest where you show a ridiculous thing you do for your dogs!

Chad and I weren't sure what to choose for this contest, but all of a sudden Chad had an 'a-ha!' moment. Mama Day! Here's our picture of Spuds getting fed at Mama's dinner table:

Chad and I have been together for 8 years, and since I've known him (and well, really since he can remember) his Mama has had a huge Sunday dinner every week (excluding vacations of course). If you walk in her house on a Sunday you'd think it was Thanksgiving. Her dining room table easily seats 10 people, but there are always anywhere from 10-20 family members there. Mama and Papa's house is the place for all family get togethers.
Well, lets just say Spuds knows when it's Sunday. It's like he has this internal clock for it. Ever since Spuds was a puppy he's been included in this tradition. He comes every week and gets to walk around the dining room table for everyone to feed him. Everyone is just as worried about making sure Spuds is fed as they are about feeding themselves, and Spuds walks in the kitchen when he's full and waits for Mama to get him his bowl of water. When family pictures are taken, Spuds is in them. We don't have kids, so he's in all the 'family pics' of me and Chad. He comes to every Christmas there to open his presents and wade around in the living room full of wrapping paper. He always gets a piece of cake when birthdays are celebrated. If Mama and Papa are on vacation Chad and I have to go to Bob Evans and bring him back pancakes or he's depressed all day, whining at the door to go to Mama's...


  1. Thanks for playing, Spuds! And for being a new follower - always great to have new furiends :)
    We'll be posting some more entries later this week. Looks like Spuds is a regular member of the family. I am a furry child myself (no human kids in our pack either), me & Mason (he's a chocolate lab) get in on all the family portraits & included in events like you do!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  2. Yea! Everybody thinks of Spuds and all the other dogs on the blog as just another family member, with a little extra fur of course! :)

  3. Does a hundred hours of photoshop per month count? ;)

  4. Hey I dont see nuthing ridikulus bout that!! I thinks it is a perfektly reesonable thang to do if you loves yer dawg. Hope my Mummy is takin sum notes!

    Yer pal Dozer

  5. @Dozer: I agree it is perfectly reasonable :) but there was never dogs at Mama day before Spuds let alone with their own plate at the dinner table! Believe it or not, in some homes feeding a dog from the table is 'taboo'! Never give up begging during just might get lucky!