Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Brutus' That's Ridiculous" Contest Entry

Ok, the link to find out more) Brutus the Frenchie is doing a really fun contest where you show a ridiculous thing you do for your dogs!

Chad and I weren't sure what to choose for this contest, but all of a sudden Chad had an 'a-ha!' moment. Mama Day! Here's our picture of Spuds getting fed at Mama's dinner table:

Chad and I have been together for 8 years, and since I've known him (and well, really since he can remember) his Mama has had a huge Sunday dinner every week (excluding vacations of course). If you walk in her house on a Sunday you'd think it was Thanksgiving. Her dining room table easily seats 10 people, but there are always anywhere from 10-20 family members there. Mama and Papa's house is the place for all family get togethers.
Well, lets just say Spuds knows when it's Sunday. It's like he has this internal clock for it. Ever since Spuds was a puppy he's been included in this tradition. He comes every week and gets to walk around the dining room table for everyone to feed him. Everyone is just as worried about making sure Spuds is fed as they are about feeding themselves, and Spuds walks in the kitchen when he's full and waits for Mama to get him his bowl of water. When family pictures are taken, Spuds is in them. We don't have kids, so he's in all the 'family pics' of me and Chad. He comes to every Christmas there to open his presents and wade around in the living room full of wrapping paper. He always gets a piece of cake when birthdays are celebrated. If Mama and Papa are on vacation Chad and I have to go to Bob Evans and bring him back pancakes or he's depressed all day, whining at the door to go to Mama's...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is Anyone Listening To Me?

Dad....daddy...DADD!!!! Are you dun with the fone yet?

Yes? Heyyyy!!! I have to ask you sumthin! Herrro?

Pssst. Ur scar luks funy. I was trying to ask daddy about it but he's too busy.

What do you guys think? It doesn't really look that funny, just wondering what you all think about that little black dot in the right (if you're looking at it) end of it.

P.S.- Something funny has been happening to Spuds in this halloween month...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Festivities

Neither Chad nor I have carved a pumpkin since we were kids, so we decided to this year. Here is our process part way through. The dogs seemed uninterested as they lounged on the couch.

Spuds: Is this all we're gonna do tonight?
Shadow: Seriously? That's all I can say...seriously?

Spuds let out a few obvious sighs...

Chad did a grim reaper (but the part that was supposed to be the body broke off...) and I did Blue! I figured it would only be right for me to do a dog. By this time Shadow and Spuds were not in sight and in the back of my mind I wondered what they might be up to...
Here are the finished products.

It was the only dog stencil I could find online...

Little did we know just how 'into' the Halloween spirit Shadow and Spuds got. As we finished taking pictures of our pumpkins this is what we turned around to find:
Me, a devil? Pshh, never! Spuds picked the costume. Something about it being his old one or something...I dunno becuz this is my first halloween here!

Things are getting sPoOkY around here already...