Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spuds Feels Loving

I guess I should tell everyone that Spuds isn't always the most loving dog in the world! Shocking, I know :) Actually he just doesn't usually treat Kado like his best friend. He saves that for Shadow. See Below.

This is Spuds cuddling with Shadow, his tails draped over her, hehehe. He absolutely loves her, always wants to play with her. He can't get enough of Shadooby!

Like I said, this isn't usually the case between him and Kado, but the other night, Spuds decided to lay with him instead! WHOA!

So Chad grabbed my cell phone and snapped some pictures :) Yay.

I love them <3


  1. I guess Kado is kinda okay. Sometimes.

  2. Well, Kado does sleep a little strangely and may be prone to kicking other dogs in his sleep. So I don't blame Spuds, not really. Very brave of him! :)

  3. Hey Spuds way to share the cowch. Sharing is SO HARD!!!

    Yer pal Dozer

  4. Spuds sounds a bit fickle (a bit like Savannah), oh well, as long he's being nice I guess all is good.

    How is Shadow doing? Is she all well now? So sorry we haven't been up to date on our posts, our mommy has been super busy!

    Paws-out and puppy kisses
    Nellie & Calvert

  5. @Dennis the Vizsla: Hahaha, exactly!
    @Nellie and Calvert: Shadow is doing great, all better :) After she got her staples out the doctor gave her the green light to do whatever she wants! woohoo!