Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spuds Feels Loving

I guess I should tell everyone that Spuds isn't always the most loving dog in the world! Shocking, I know :) Actually he just doesn't usually treat Kado like his best friend. He saves that for Shadow. See Below.

This is Spuds cuddling with Shadow, his tails draped over her, hehehe. He absolutely loves her, always wants to play with her. He can't get enough of Shadooby!

Like I said, this isn't usually the case between him and Kado, but the other night, Spuds decided to lay with him instead! WHOA!

So Chad grabbed my cell phone and snapped some pictures :) Yay.

I love them <3

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Baacccckkk!

Hello there! I feel like I haven't posted a blog for a year. :) What have I been doing, you ask?

I got cut back to 15 hours a week again at my job.

I got an old position back somewhere else tutoring college Spanish

Went to a wedding

Visited my nephew (7 weeks old!)

Went with Chad to take Spuds to the vet for allergies...again

Cuddled with Spudsy :)

Helped my mom move...and visited with her kitties (This is her camera-lover Cali)

Worked on my first novel I'm *trying* to write
Tried to read a book which was sabotaged by Shadow, as usual.

Realized the leaves are turning red..I'll try to take some 'Fall in Ohio' pics.

Watched Ohio State Football

Getting ready for Grad classes to start this week...

Spent money I shouldn't have....

Thought about my bad eating habits. other words just a bunch of different stuff going on and somehow blogging got left out. A small hiatus perhaps. I've decided if I can go 3 weeks without buying any fast food or other impulse buys, I'm going to reward myself with a hoodie from

Like this one maybe:

And this week is supposed to be rainy. Looks like the dogs will be doing a lot of this:

I hope your week goes well!