Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thinking of Shadow...

Hey All. Shadow got spayed last Friday and all seemed well at first. Then we noticed a bulge/swelling around the incision and got a little worried. Then she started treating her pink flamingo stuffie like a puppy and her nipples started getting bigger....
So we took her to the vet today and they did X-Rays. It looks as though her internal stiches have come loose and her intestines are coming through the body cavity wall so they're pretty much sitting on the inside of her skin. Also, she's going through ANOTHER false pregnancy and starting to produce milk which means there may be a minute amount of ovary tissue that they missed, or the false pregnancy hormones starting being produced before the spay. She's staying overnight at the vet tonight and will have surgery tomorrow. I feel like I'm going to be sick, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers(if you do that sort of thing :) )


  1. We do and we will!! Poor girl, many T&P that surgery goes well and she can recover quickly!


  2. We are all praying for Shadow and hope she has a speedy recovery. She is very lucky to have someone that loves and takes such good care of her.

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    Nellie & Calvert

  3. Oh no!! I will be thinking of you. Please keep us updated.

  4. Oh, poor Shadow! Wishing her a speedy recovery!!

  5. Hi
    Saw your blog post on Life with Dogs. Oh poor Shadow. My aunt dee's dog went thru a false pregnancy.. they missed part of an ovary. Things will get better soon Shadow.