Friday, August 28, 2009

Shadow's Update

I can't tell you all how much your wishes and prayers mean to me. Thank you all for your support. She had surgery today and they said her interal stiches indeed were torn and loose, which is weird because she hasn't been active since her spay...
They had to take out some scar tissue but luckily there was no major dead tissue. They put all her organs (ewww) back where they should be, and she has staples in her tummy now. She has a new cone collar to sport. They said she's doing ok but they may want to keep her overnight for observation so I'll probably have another update tomorrow. I'll also try to post some pics...I took some of her with her "flamingo puppy" before all this started going downhill. Let's hope there are no complications from here...


  1. Hi! I am visiting Shadow courtesy of Life with Dogs. Hoping she recovers nicely and with no harsh complications. We care.

  2. Hope she feels better soon! Although spays are common, they're still a major surgery and risk is always involved. It just sucks when it happens to your dog!! Lots of skritches and hugs to Shadow that she feels better super soon (you too, maybe minus the skritches!)

  3. I am late catching up on your posts because we have been on vacation. I am so relieved Shadow came through surgery well. I am continuing to keep you both in my prayers...and sending good vibes for a safe and quick recovery. Hang in there!


  4. Thank goodness she's doing better. What a scare! Hope it continues to get better for her from here.

  5. We will continue to say our prayers for her recovery and keep you in our thoughts.

    Mommie to Nellie & Calvert

  6. This is moving in the right direction. I hope she enjoys the speedy recovery Sola did after her re-spay...

  7. we are praying Shadow will be her normal self soon

    came over from 'Life with Dogs'
    ..... oooops nearly forgot we came over to congratulate you on the award too...

  8. HI,my name is Tweedles
    I came to introduce myself. Life With Dogs told me about you.
    I am sending love to Shadow for a fast recovery!

  9. Your post brought to mind when our Golden Retriever had to be spayed. We lived in the suburbs of philly many moons ago and because my Father didn't want Sandy's stitches to break, he slept downstairs in the finished basement with her. He fed her sips of black&white scotch and laughing out loud he too became a bit tipsy. Remembering old memories brings tears to one's eyes especially if the dog and/or parent is no longer living. I hope your pooch, Shadow has a speedy recovery!