Monday, August 3, 2009


*Click to see full at this whole word bubble thing*

Hey ya'll it's me, Shadow. I've bin a little disappointid in Blog Lady lately becuz she wuz showin' off all Spuds' cool, I mean, weeeird tricks n stuff like hez jus' the most awesomest dog ever or sumthin well I don't get why I didnt have no video on here i mean she alwayz tells me I'm cute and funny and adorabull and have curves like JLo...i think she jus' says that last one to make me feel betterz bout my big wiggly butt.....but newayz she helpd me put this video of me helpin' my daddy with Saturday chores...he asks me fer tools n stuff but mostly i jus' like to watch. You may notice a random white object in the video ruinin' it as usual...


  1. hello pooches for peache its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for stopping by and hay wow yoo ar verry brayv to want to help yore dada wurk on the scarry lawn masheen blades!!! i run away frum the scarry lawn masheen!!! hay if yoo manadj to git underneeth it can yoo send me a skeematik of wot it luks like under their so i can sabotadj it more effektivly ummm i meen so i can help my dada fix his if it brakes??? thanks ok bye

  2. @Dennis the Vizsla: Shadow wanted me to tell you she's working on it! haha