Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Update and Thank you

First, I want to send out many thanks again to everyone who has sent thoughts and prayers our way. It really makes a difference :) It is comforting to know that similar situations have happened to some of you, and I hope all of your cases turned out ok! Some of the stories left in the comments were very heartwarming and uplifting.
And I wouldn't have received as many thoughts/stories/wishes without Life With Dogs !!! They gave Pooches For Peace the Gold Hyrant Award and sent over their readers to wish Shadow well. If anyone reading this hasn't checked out this humor-filled and fun blog, do it now! LOL OOOOOOHhhhh, look at it's shinyness:

THANKS SO MUCH !! And sorry to hear that Sola went through a re-spay :(

To those of you who said your dogs had a re-spay or that part of the ovary wasn't taken out, did they just go back in and basically search until they found the tissue, did that situation go?

And now for another update on Shadow..

She seems to be doing better so far although the bizarre false pregnancy behavior is still there. She also is whining a lot when we let her out of her cage- I think it's just a mix of her hormones/energy built up because she can't do anything/ confusion going on, because she only does it when we first let her out of her cage. We have strict orders from the vet to keep her in her cage as much as possible, so I'm sure she's bored. She goes back next Saturday to get her staples out so they should be able to tell us if everything looks like it's healing ok. She's been eating good...that is, if she doesn't have her e collar (cone head collar) on... She's not a fan of the collar at all. Here are a few pics of her with the flamingo before I was instructed to keep it from her. Part of me wonders if she's also whining because she can't find it.

Are youuu my baby weird pink thing?

Yes, I think you are.

I didn't get any picture of her "coddling" it, but she kept putting it up against her belly and under her chin and cuddling it between her leg and chin. It was so cute and sad at the same time.
(And yes, I stole Spud's blue collar from him for now.. hehehe)
Oh...and Kado wanted to say hi. Don't mind that drop of water between his eyes...he had just come up for air from the toilet...


  1. I'm so happy to hear she's doing better, and eating; that's always a good sign. My kids hate the hard cones as well, I've found that they tolerate the soft cones a bit better ( here's a link if you wish to see what it looks like.

    You are all in our thoughts, please keep us posted on her progress. You're going to need some time off after this, taking care of a sick doggie is always so exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Please take care of yourself.

    Belly rubs to Kado and big kisses to Shadow.


  2. Poor little Shadow; glad she is feeling a little better.

    Mina's "false pregnancy" behavior lasted for about six months after her spay. She'd let foster kittens nurse and tote them around like puppies.

  3. @Nellie and Calvert: Thank you for the info on the soft cones. I will continue to post updates :) Luckily Shadow is both my boyfriend and I's dog, so he takes the night shift. So I'm not too physically exhausted but emotionally, WOW, exhausting is definately the word. Not to mention this past week my sister was in the hospital, one of my parent's dogs also needed stiches, and I got cut back to 15 hours a week at work until further notice because of this economy. BUT Chad's sister watched Shadow Saturday and Chad and I did some stuff with the family. It was relaxing but I didn't like being away from Shadow. Shadow and Kado 'say' thanks for the rubbies and kisses!

    @Rinalia: OOhhhh, I can't believe she let kittens nurse. That warms my heart! Shadow never tried to pull the stuffing out of the flamingo- it's the first time I've seen her NOT pull stuffing out of something!

  4. Glad to hear she's doing a bit better. I have absolutely no experience with this kind of thing, but I just wanted to stop by and, once again, wish Shadow a speedy recovery!

    I say she should keep the collar - she's had quite an ordeal, and honestly it looks really nice on her. :)

  5. Oy, crate confinement. How fun is that? Glad to hear Shadow is doing better.