Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spa for Spuds

Like many white dogs out there, Spuds had some allergy spots on him, so Chad and I decided to give him a nice oatmeal bath. Let me first say Spuds definately had some mixed emotions about bath time...

He's used to taking showers with humans, not baths!
Oohhhh what's on my back?!
(Note: The water wasn't actually dirty, it's just reflecting off a few well water marks on the bottom of the tub.)
This isn't happening...this isn't happening!
Awww, back scrubbies feel gooood.
My, what big spots you have! We couldn't believe how spotted his skin was. He never used to have so many, now he is COVERED in them. It's pretty cute.
Please let me out of here blog lady.
Finally, gosh. Whats so good bouts a oatmeel bath ne ways?

He was a little cold. I guess I didn't dry him off enough...
Uhhh, hello humans? I thinks I'm dry now. Didn't you say I gets sumthin else too?
What? I didn't enjoy it. Not at all...not even the back scrubbies. I'm, too sexy for my collar...

too sexy for my collllllarr...
So sexy yea yea.

I think this whole spa day thing got to his head a little.
PS-All credit goes to Chad for the bath time pics :)


  1. Awww lookit him! He certainly tolerates bath time better than Marge. No matter what I do, she pitches a fit and then stands there acting like she's getting stabbed.

    Love the blue collar too. Looks nice against his white and brindle.

  2. What a cute sudsy Spudsy! Love the new collar!

  3. @Sam: Yea, Spuds definately likes showers better which is just hilarious to me, but in the bath once i started srubbing his back he started to relax lol. But Chad had to pick him up and put him in the bath, he wouldnt go in voluntarily haha.
    @StellaStar: The paw prints on it are reflective so you can see him in the dark if light hits them and what-not. How cool is that?!

  4. Aww poor spuds, I hope you were tortured too bad! What a handsome collar you have there. You certainly show it off well too!

  5. Awww...I love it when the spots make an appearance!

  6. @Princess: Spuds wanted me to tell you he secretly liked most of it but would never let humans know that. And he also said he's tougher than blog lady made him look in that first picture ;)
    @Mary: I love the spots too- we were so surprised, he really only used to have a few. Does Bruno them?