Sunday, July 26, 2009

10 Things You Don't Know About Spuds

Princess the Pit Bull invited readers to play a game, so YAY! I have to name 10 things you don't know about one of the dogs. So I pick...

Spuds! (Please play if you so desire!)

1. Spuds lives next door to a mean Rooster. (But even Spud doesn't know that one!)

His name is Cogburn...

2. Shadow went into heat a few weeks ago (Getting spayed in August!) and Spuds got "lovesick" because he had to stay separated from her during this. He lost weight and got scratched up escaping from his cage. You might still be able to notice this a little in the vids on this post. Sigh.

3. Spuds knows tricks. Lots! Here is a video of army crawl. Please disregard my voice in these- I apparently have a need to talk to dogs like babies!

4. He can also "find the cigarettes." He's only done this a few times so it's still a work in progress. Here is Take One (Spuds tried to cheat!!):

Take Two:

5. He also knows his left and right, high 5, sit pretty, all the typical ones like sit stay wait roll over, lay down, etc.....and
6. Play Dead!

7. Spuds has never been a dog who gets into the trash....unless there's spaghetti in there. Really, It's the only time he's ever gotten into the trash. He is actually a very picky eater. Chad tried to give him jelly beans once and he'd only eat certain colors, haha! I'm convinced he does tricks more for the attention because the older he gets the less food motivated he is.

8. He bites his nails. We've tried to cut them for him instead, but he never lets them grow out long enough.

9. He likes to swim in the creek but is afraid of clear water like swimming pools.

10. He never cared about groundhogs until one jumped out of a tree and latched onto his lip. Yyyyouch!!!!


  1. Wow -- biting his nails must be so convenient! I know I wouldn't mind living without torturous Dremel sessions with Marge.

    Spuds is a cool dog. :)

  2. Love those!! I wish P would bite her nails for me...I can't even cut hers!!