Sunday, July 26, 2009

10 Things You Don't Know About Spuds

Princess the Pit Bull invited readers to play a game, so YAY! I have to name 10 things you don't know about one of the dogs. So I pick...

Spuds! (Please play if you so desire!)

1. Spuds lives next door to a mean Rooster. (But even Spud doesn't know that one!)

His name is Cogburn...

2. Shadow went into heat a few weeks ago (Getting spayed in August!) and Spuds got "lovesick" because he had to stay separated from her during this. He lost weight and got scratched up escaping from his cage. You might still be able to notice this a little in the vids on this post. Sigh.

3. Spuds knows tricks. Lots! Here is a video of army crawl. Please disregard my voice in these- I apparently have a need to talk to dogs like babies!

4. He can also "find the cigarettes." He's only done this a few times so it's still a work in progress. Here is Take One (Spuds tried to cheat!!):

Take Two:

5. He also knows his left and right, high 5, sit pretty, all the typical ones like sit stay wait roll over, lay down, etc.....and
6. Play Dead!

7. Spuds has never been a dog who gets into the trash....unless there's spaghetti in there. Really, It's the only time he's ever gotten into the trash. He is actually a very picky eater. Chad tried to give him jelly beans once and he'd only eat certain colors, haha! I'm convinced he does tricks more for the attention because the older he gets the less food motivated he is.

8. He bites his nails. We've tried to cut them for him instead, but he never lets them grow out long enough.

9. He likes to swim in the creek but is afraid of clear water like swimming pools.

10. He never cared about groundhogs until one jumped out of a tree and latched onto his lip. Yyyyouch!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie Stars

The dogs wanted me to share with you their uncanny ability to reenact movies and TV shows. Just to name a few:

"Donkey" from Shrek

"Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits!" -Elmer Fudd

Cue the Law and Order music.

"Thug Life!" -Pineapple Express

Teehehehehe, just kidding! Shadow needs to work on staying in character.

The Brady Bunch

"Rut Ro Shaggy!" -Scooby Doo

"Heyyy man..." -Cheech and Chong

"Did I do thaaatttt?" -Steve Urkle, Family Matters

Oh crap, I did do that. No need to put me in jail blog lady!

If any of your dogs need lessons I'm sure one of these fine actors will help for a small fee... ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Puppy Rescue Mission

Here's the scoop. A couple weeks ago a puppy wandered up to my boyfriend's coworker's house (which is right next door to where they work) and gave the coworker these puppy eyes:

So of course they took him in. Unfortunately, they couldn't keep poor Knuckles. So my boyfriend tells me this situation and says we need to find a home for this little guy or he's gonna end up in the pound! YIKES! Meanwhile, the puppy continued to stay with the coworker while I scrambled. He got to play with this little gold thing:

and this little hairy thing:

and ponder where he would end up (or maybe when dinner was ;) )

And we couldn't find anyone to take him. Until yesterday! A woman I once took Psychology classes with just so happened to be considering getting a bully breed dog. She asked lots of questions about Knuckles, which I was happy she did- many people jump into getting a dog before knowing anything about it. So my boyfriend and I told her everything we knew about little Knuckles, and it sounded like a good fit. Besides, this woman has another little hairy dog to play with too! Here's his new family:

Godspeed Knuckles, and thanks to his new family for saving a life!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spa for Spuds

Like many white dogs out there, Spuds had some allergy spots on him, so Chad and I decided to give him a nice oatmeal bath. Let me first say Spuds definately had some mixed emotions about bath time...

He's used to taking showers with humans, not baths!
Oohhhh what's on my back?!
(Note: The water wasn't actually dirty, it's just reflecting off a few well water marks on the bottom of the tub.)
This isn't happening...this isn't happening!
Awww, back scrubbies feel gooood.
My, what big spots you have! We couldn't believe how spotted his skin was. He never used to have so many, now he is COVERED in them. It's pretty cute.
Please let me out of here blog lady.
Finally, gosh. Whats so good bouts a oatmeel bath ne ways?

He was a little cold. I guess I didn't dry him off enough...
Uhhh, hello humans? I thinks I'm dry now. Didn't you say I gets sumthin else too?
What? I didn't enjoy it. Not at all...not even the back scrubbies. I'm, too sexy for my collar...

too sexy for my collllllarr...
So sexy yea yea.

I think this whole spa day thing got to his head a little.
PS-All credit goes to Chad for the bath time pics :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


...What a busy week! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I have so many pictures to sort through I don't even know where to start. So I'm taking the easy way and using the pics I took on my cell phone first:

I went to the shelter to see how many Pitbulls would be there. Only two this time but still sad. They put locks on the Pitbulls cages or I would've tried to smuggle them out ;) ....

This was the tag on one of them. Her picture is below. I cannot say why she was marked as aggressive. Maybe there was a legitimate reason, but she was very sweet to me.

This is her. You can't really tell in this picture but she was really small! Smaller than Shadow.

Here was the other one. He just sat like this and barely got excited for the bone I gave him.
:( Sigh...I don't know why I torture myself by going in there. It's kind of like a car accident- you don't want to look but you just have to know.

But don't worry, I'm not ending on a sad note!!
Maggie and I (excuse the bedhead appearance) caught up on some DogTown episodes. If you haven't seen the show before, I suggest you do.

And I took my niece and nephew to the Columbus zoo...but I forgot my camera. Who does that!? In the midst of having an anxiety attack about losing the kids in the crowd I did manage to snap this picture:

PENGUINS! I was a little worried about the portly one laying on his/her belly...

In other news, I painted a picture for my parents' anniversary which I won't be posting on here. Didn't come out the way I wanted.
Also, Shadow is getting spayed on August 21st. Yay!
And Spuds got a day at the spa...or an oatmeal bath, flea medicine, and new collar :) -More pics to come soon!