Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School's Out For Summer

My job is largely based in the school systems, so in the summer I get cut down to 15 hours a week. So in short, I have some extra time on my hands. I woke Maggie up last night to try some portrait photos. I don't think she was up for it...

Don't wake me up!

NOT opening my eyes.

Can you take portraits while I lay on your blanket?

Peek-a-boo. This works, right?

Heyyy, you lookin' at me? I've played nice, now get the camera out of my face!

Yawwwwnnn, Goodnight.

Before she went to sleep, however, she had time for Mad Scientist Maggie to show herself.

Bahahahahhahaa! *Evil Laugh*

And she also had a Faux-hawk!

Since she wasn't much up for pics last night, I tried again today. This time Kasey joined for portrait time too.

Hey Sis, Are we getting treats for this?

If not, I'm hiding under the toilet.

They decided they'd have a strike. I never even got a chance to say whether or not I was giving them anything!

Please doG, let Blog Lady give us treats?

Maggie tried a not so nice approach...
Give us treats, now.

Longing for treats. Is there treat deprivation depression?

I'm goin' to sleep. This is boring.


What's so great about this whole portrait thing anyway?

Uhhh, blog lady? Can we be done now?
OK, fine. We're done. But as a closing quiz to the readers, Maggie wants to know which paw is Kasey's head resting on? Because I'm really not sure.

It almost looks like her back foot. That can't be comfortable!


  1. Cute captions, and the dogs have such great facial expressions!

  2. Don't you just love dog photo shoots? you never wind up with the picture you want, but instead wind up with something 10 times as funny and priceless. I love Maggie's yawn and Mad Scientist looks!