Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ready to Play?

Princess the Pit Bull at tagged us to play a game! What I have to do is go to the My Pictures folder and pick the 6th folder in there. Then I have to pick the sixth picture out of that folder and post it, telling the story about it. I also get to pick 5 friends to play too!

This is Spuds and a girl doggie who's name escapes me. We haven't seen her again since this picture was taken!

This was taken in 2006- I've had my computer since 2005 hahaha.
Spuds was 2 years old. A church right down the street from where we live had fireworks every year, so of course we went and took Spuds! Our friend lives pretty much right next door to the church so after parking we walked over to his house to sit on the lawn and some of our other friends we knew from highschool just happened to be there. They also brought their dog, and Spuds LOOVVESSSS playing with girl dogs. He's a little iffy with boy dogs, but loves any girl. So, Spuds got a new friend and we got to watch the fireworks. Perfect summer night :)

The 5 friends I pick are:



Life With Dogs

Stella & Roo

the dogfathers


  1. oooh! cool picture and story! i will definitely try to get mine up soon!

  2. Ok, I'm off to do my homework! Thanks for tagging us!

  3. Oh, this is a fun one! We'll get our post up soon, as I'm on my laptop right now which doesn't have as many pictures as my PC does.

    Spuds found a really nice lookin' girl to play with. I love GSDs!

  4. Can't wait to see your entries! :)