Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Excerpts From the Photo Archives

It's Sunday- It feels like a weird time to be blogging, as I have a Master's Program final to work on, laundry, etc. etc. But here I am! I was looking through recent photos that I haven't posted yet, so I decided to create a cornacopia of sorts...
A dog we call smiley

and a smiling dog (you haven't seen Kyla for a while!)

and her sister Kasey, both Border Collie X lab mixes

Here's Kasey being regal...

and Spuds being, well, not so regal.
I like to sniff couch.
It makes me feel grooooovy.

This one's a little more flattering.

...Daisy in progress

*Make a Wish*

"Honey I Shrunk the Kids" -How many of you have seen that movie about a hundred times?

So, if you haven't figured it out yet, my thought process is somewhat like this blog entry- all over the place. So as a goodbye, I'm going to suggest you read one of the blogs I have posted on mine that I like to read (thanks to Three Woof and a Woo, that is)- Nicaragua Redux: The Sarna Chronicles. It's about volunteers who help some of the dogs in Nicaragua who need people the most. And her trip is just beginning, so check it out!


  1. Great doggies! Not sure if they're all yours, though I'm pretty sure Spuds is. Either way they're all adorable. I like Kylas smiling picture.

    (So sorry you hurt your toe, too! I'm really hoping I don't need to see a doctor - I can't walk on it at all right now.)

  2. Sam: You're right, they aren't all mine! I made this blog partly because I love the smiling faces of all the dogs i see :) Spuds is my boyfriend's dog. I guess you could say I'm the adoptive mommy?
    P.S.- You're toe is much worse than mine! I hope it gets better :(

  3. What's with all the owied toes? I feel like an outsider. Oh well. I'm bound to stumble over Rufus at some point in time. Maybe I can stub my toe. Cute doggies. Maybe you could give a bit of their histories sometime so we know their stories...?!

  4. StellaStar: I consider you lucky to be an outsider in the stubbed-toed world, haha.
    Good Idea, I will give histories- Thanks!