Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Every since Ozzy got exposure to the blog he hasn't been the same. He keeps insisting he's a dog and deserves more time on the blog...

I like my head scratched

And scratch myself too!

I cuddle with my human

and play with toys.

Even tho I don't play well with humans because of the size difference, her sweater is my playground, so I think I'm related to the "toy" breeds


Then he started walking around on the floor. He wanted me to let you know his wings aren't clipped.

You really should potty train me lady (notice the...accessory...under his bum)


Look at my claws...err... I mean nails!

If birds gave evil looks this would be it.

And this would be his innocent face :)

Wake up Oz! We aren't done with the blog post yet!

What? This is a lot of work, maybe I'm not a dog after all...

These last three pics in this post were actually really cool to take. Ozzy seems to like the camera. The closer I put it to his face the better he "posed." Birds tend to like shiny things so I think he likes the lens or the flash because he just kept staring right at the camera! It was cool considering he's afraid of everything.

Bye everybody! What is your vote- am I bird or dog? I know it's a hard call to make...


  1. Sorry, ozz. Got to say a bird. That mess you left was just a disaster. Not even Rufus poops in the house. Shame (I still wuv you!)

  2. Aw how cute! I really like him. Birds have such interesting expressions. Love the ones of him posing.